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Fix: Update Fails to Apply - How to update via web link

When Terrain Navigator Pro starts, it reports that an update is available. However, when it tries to update the software, either nothing happens, or the software version number doesn't change. Then TNP again notifies that an update is available.

Alternatively, I've heard about a newer version, but my copy of Terrain Navigator Pro does not notify me that it is available.

How to Apply a Update to Terrain Navigator Pro
In some circumstances, the automatic update feature of TNP may not apply as intended. If this occurs, please exit Terrain Navigator Pro, then download and run this link:

This will apply all the latest patches and fixes to your copy of Terrain Navigator Pro (provided your license/subscription is active and current.)

In very rare circumstances, a full download may be required. If Terrain Navigator Pro is still not updated (or gives an error during the update process) download and run:
This is a much larger download (and a high-speed Internet connection is recommended) but will also do a full reinstall of Terrain Navigator Pro's application files with the latest fixes and enhancements. (Note that you do not need to "Uninstall" the older version, and any Projects containing Markers, Routes, Tracks, etc. will be preserved.)

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