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  1. 3-D Preferences

  2. 3-D View: Everything You Need To Know

  3. Active Project Screen

  4. Adding Land Use, Boundaries, and other GIS Information to TNP

  5. Adding Waypoints within a Route; Appending Routes Together

  6. Aerial OrthoPhotos and Satellite Imagery – What's Available and When are they Updated?

  7. Apple Mac OS and Terrain Navigator Pro

  8. Attaching Maps to an Email

  9. AutoCAD - Exporting maps from Terrain Navigator Pro

  10. Calculating area

  11. Can I include my markers, routes, and tracks on a printed map? What about grids?

  12. Can I record tracks and mark waypoints while using the SD cards?

  13. Compass Screen

  14. Configuring Terrain Navigator Pro to the GPS - Basic Instructions

  15. Connecting a Garmin USB GPS

  16. Connecting a Serial GPS to a USB Port

  17. Coordinates: Definitions and Overview

  18. Creating (or Projecting) Routes via Bearing/Distance (metes and bounds) - by Azimuth or Quadrant bearings.

  19. Demo: Terrain Navigator Pro - Free Trial Available

  20. Determining the COM Port of a USB to Serial Adapter

  21. Do I need a cell or data connection to view the TNP Mobile Maps (SD card)?

  22. Do you offer current USGS topographic maps?

  23. Does the TNP Mobile Maps (SD card) always need to be in my Android phone?

  24. Error Loading Polygon or Error Loading GeoPin when TNP starts.

  25. Exporting Base Maps into other GIS Applications

  26. Exporting Maps - Choosing 'State Plane' Projection and getting 'Transverse Mercator' or 'Lambert Conformal'

  27. Fix: Error 1004 - Unable to initialize MTINST.DLL or System Error

  28. Fix: Installing (discontinued) Terrain Navigator (Std. Edition) on Windows 7, 8 or 10

  29. Fix: Installing Terrain Navigator Pro (discontinued versions) on Windows 7, 8 or 10

  30. Fix: Registration Warning - Not Properly Registered

  31. Fix: Symbols for Markers and Waypoints are missing

  32. Fix: Update Fails to Apply - How to update via web link

  33. Fix: Windows 7, 64-bit Install for discontinued Terrain Navigator (Std, Pro, and Network editions)

  34. Fixing Issues with PDF Map Pages

  35. FormatMXF - a Marker Import Utility

  36. Frequently Asked Questions

  37. Getting an Apple ID without a credit card

  38. Getting Started with Terrain Navigator Pro

  39. Getting Started with the TNP Web Project Editor

  40. Google Earth doesn't interface properly with TNP

  41. GPS Location Errors and Connection/Availability Issues

  42. GPSs Compatible with Terrain Navigator Pro

  43. How do I get Projects from TNP PC Desktop to appear on Web Planner?

  44. How do I make TNP open my map every time it starts?

  45. How do I obtain an area measurement?

  46. How much of my device’s internal memory will be used?

  47. How to copy TNP Mobile Maps to another memory card

  48. How to Create a Large Format PDF from Smaller Components

  49. How to Disable Registration and Subscription Renewal Notices

  50. How to Display Parcels (Land Ownership) in the TNP Mobile App

  51. How to Get Started with the TNP Mobile App and TNP PC Desktop

  52. How to Improve Battery Life While Using the TNP Mobile App

  53. How to install TNP Mobile Maps (SD card) on my Android device

  54. How to install TNP Mobile Maps (SD card) on my iPhone or iPad

  55. I don't know what COM Port my GPS is connected to. What should I do?

  56. Importing GIS Data with Projections and/or Missing Coordinate Systems

  57. Improving the Color and Print Quality

  58. Information Screen

  59. Installation: How to Install a new State (or Region) into TNP

  60. Installation: How to Setup TNP Once the Subscription Has Lapsed

  61. Installation: Permissions for Network-Based Setups

  62. Instructional Videos and Online Blogs

  63. Invalid Coordinates when entering a Latitude/Longitude from a GPS.

  64. Keyboard Shortcuts

  65. Landscape Map Exporting and Image Tricks (via the Print Window)

  66. Latitude/Longitude Formats and Conversion

  67. License Agreement: Effective November 1, 2016

  68. Login Error: "Exceeded Device Limit"

  69. Managing Projects, Splitting the Default Project, Project Synchronization to TNP Mobile/Web, and Other Tips

  70. Map Accuracy: Including Coordinates, Elevation and Parcel data

  71. Map Screen

  72. MapPacks: Downloading Maps for Offline Use

  73. Marker (MXF) File Import/Export Format

  74. Messages

  75. MXF Conversion Tools: ASCII, DAT, POS, ATT, GDB

  76. My Markers, Routes, etc., are way too big (or too small.) What's going on?

  77. My Projects Screen

  78. Organizing Layers with Projects

  79. Parcel Ownership Layer is Unavailable

  80. Recording 3-D Video Clips

  81. Red Triangles on the maps. Can I toggle them off? (And other common questions)

  82. Repairing a Corrupt Map Engine (black maps, not responding, etc.)

  83. Route (RXF) File Import/Export Format

  84. Sending Maps (and Photos) to Garmin GPS Units

  85. Setting the Scale of a Printed/Published Map

  86. Settings Screen

  87. Sharing a single GPS with 2 (or more) applications

  88. Since the update my iPhone stops tracking after I put it in my pocket?

  89. Skipping the TNP Mobile App Login

  90. Street Layer. Can I turn it off? What about updates/inaccuracies? (And other common questions)

  91. Symbol Key for .MXF/.RXF Files

  92. Symbols Available: Emergency Management SymbolPack

  93. Terrain Navigator Pro behaves 'sluggish' after transferring data to or from a GPS.

  94. The point shown on the map does not agree with the location of my GPS reading.

  95. The printing features are overwhelming and seem very complex - what can I do?

  96. TNP 12 Update Does Not Apply - Errors During Startup/Installation

  97. TNP System Requirements

  98. TNP's Internet status is RED (or can't access Aerial Photos. Satellite Images, and most non-USGS topo map types)

  99. Track (TXF) File Import/Export Format

  100. Transferring Print Templates Between 2 Computers

  101. Transferring Project Layers to a new PC

  102. Transitioning from MyTopo Map Pass (formerly Mapcard) to TNP

  103. Trimble Leap: End of Life Notice

  104. TXF Conversion Tools: LOG

  105. Understanding Map Scales

  106. Unsupported Devices

  107. Update: NGS Benchmark Data Sheets

  108. Update: State-Specific Maps and Software

  109. Update/Fix: Version 12.2.1 Software Upgrade

  110. User Guide: Search & Rescue and Emergency Management Reference Guide & Training Manual

  111. User Manual: Terrain Navigator Pro 12.0

  112. Using (and Hiding) Grids while Printing

  113. Using a GPS that is not on the GPS Compatibility List or Available in TNP's GPS Setup

  114. Using an External GPS Device

  115. Using Existing Markers to Create a Route in TNP

  116. Using MTTTY to test and verify the GPS connection

  117. Using Team Tracker with NMEA/APRS (Generic) Tracking Devices

  118. Utility: Backup & Restore of Project Layers (Also for transferring from old versions of TNP to another.)

  119. Video and Printer Driver Updates: How to apply them to improve Terrain Navigator

  120. What are Layers? What's the difference between markers, routes, tracks, etc.?

  121. What Are the Benefits Included in the Annual Subscription?

  122. What happened to my personal data (photos, videos, contacts)?

  123. What Happened to the "Open Map Window" and Other TNP 11 (and TNP 12) Questions

  124. What is a MapPack and how do I use it to show photos when TNP has no Internet Connection?

  125. What kind of private land details are available in TNP Mobile Maps or the Parcel Data Tier?

  126. Why are only certain Map Types available when printing?

  127. Why are the Map Types available on the TNP Web Planner different than those in TNP PC Desktop?

  128. Why can't I get my SD card to connect?

  129. Why can't I view Parcels (Private Land Ownership) in TNP Mobile?

  130. Why do I get a GPS Error about 'two modes of operation' and how do I correct it? (Also "USB Open Failed")

  131. Why do I get error message "You do not have access to this pack; please activate your purchase" on my iPad/iPhone?

  132. Why does Terrain Navigator Pro export 2 .DEM files when exporting Elevation data.

  133. Why isn't 3-D functioning?

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