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Making maps with TNP for use in Avenza and other GeoPDF apps.


TNP's maps can not be directly exported into the GeoPDF format used by Avenza and similar software applications. However, there is a simple work-around that allows KMZ maps published from TNP to be converted to GeoPDF. This allows those who choose not to use the TNP Mobile App (which is included as part of the annual subscription) to have access to their maps in the field on their mobile device.

Creating a KMZ Map

Follow these steps to publish a map in the KMZ format:
  1. Use TNP (PC software) to create the map. Consider creating a new Project for each map, area, or other designation (client, date of event) that you use TNP for.
  2. Once satisfied with the map layers, open the File menu and choose Print/Publish Map.
  3. Since you likely want a map image only (without a margin, scale, grid, or other page blocks) open the Templates tab, select the Map Only template, and press Load.
  4. In the Properties tab, adjust the map Type. Note that geo-referenced map publishing is limited to USGS Topographic and Aerial Orthophoto. All other map types (or merged map combinations that contain other map types) are restricted by their publisher.
  5. Also in the Properties tab, adjust the map Scale. For good results in the field, a map scales between 1:24,000 and 1:2,400 are generally recommended. Don't worry if your map now does not cover the full area needed - we'll adjust that in Step 7.  
  6. In the Printer/File tab, under Exported image layout, change the Save as type to KMZ File. Note that the preview area changed automatically to <<Export Preview>>.
  7. Under Exported image layout, locate where the Dimensions (length) is specified. Adjust the Width and Height until the map Export Preview shows the entire area of interest. (You can click and drag the map to reposition it, if needed.)
  8. Once you are satisfied that the Preview covers the intended area, press the Export... button. Name the map (or accept the default name) and save the .KMZ file in a location where you will be able to transfer it to the MyGeodata Converter web service for conversion to GeoPDF.
Converting the KMZ to GeoPDF
Since TNP can not create the GeoPDF file required by Avenza (or other map viewers), a third party conversion tool must be used. We've had good luck recommending the MyGeodata Converter web service. Note that this is not a free service, a subscription may be necessary, depending on your usage.

Here's how to convert a KMZ map to a GeoPDF map:
  1. Open
  2. Drag and Drop the KMZ file created in Step 8, above. Or browse files to convert, click Add files, and open the .KMZ file saved from TNP.
  3. If prompted with: "Uploaded data contains both vector and raster datasets. Which data type would you like to process?" press Raster.
  4. On the MyGeodata Converter page, do not adjust any of the Advanced parameters. Press Convert now!
  5. Download the GeoPDF file. It will be saved as in your computer's Downloads folder.
  6. Finally, Unzip the file so to expose the finished GeoPDF. You may want to place the finished GeoPDFs in a folder under Documents for safekeeping and easy access.

Transferring the GeoPDF to Avenza

Getting the finished GeoPDFs to Avenza (or any mobile app) can be a bit tricky, since there is not typically a wired connection between the PC and the mobile device. Fortunately, Avenza supports a wide variety of transfer methods, including email. For details, please see


  • These instructions are not an endorsement of, or recommendation to use MyGeodata Converter or Avenza. These products and services are not sold or supported by Trimble. Please use them on your own initiative.
  • The preferred solution for using TNP maps in the field is the TNP Mobile App, which includes near real-time synchronization of layers between projects on the PC and the mobile app. Multiple licenses/logins for the TNP Mobile App are available upon request.

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