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Map Screen

The Map feature provides detailed map view along with real-time GPS navigation.

You can move the map around by scrolling with your finger or can zoom in or out by pinching your fingers onscreen. By selecting the bull’s-eye icon, the map view will zoom around your location. Selecting the icon with the downward pointed arrow will tell the map to follow your location on the map as you move.

  • The Jump button lets you jump from one tool to another in just a few clicks.
  • The Goto button lets you pick from a list of saved markers or geopins and navigate to them. After you select a marker, a straight line on the map page will connect your current location with the marker you selected. The Compass screen will indicate distance to, compass bearing and position of the goto marker. To clear the “goto” action, go to the Compass screen and select Clear.
  • Layers provides you a means to customize the map to your liking. You can change map types (Aerial, Street, Topo, etc.). You can also toggle on or off tracks, markers, photos, videos and audio. For example, when photos are toggled off, then any photos collected in the active project will be hidden on the map.
  • Mark will to collect a marker or to capture a photo, video, or audio clip (geopins). You can add a name and description to any point collected. Note: All media are geotagged with GPS coordinates.

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