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Improving the Color and Print Quality

Because printers and tastes vary, there are numerous ways to better the quality of a color print. Here are some suggestions on optimizing your printed page.

• In the Print window, open the Printer/File tab and press Properties. Here you will find various settings that adjust your printer. Experiment until you achieve desirable results. Your printer's manual will have more details regarding your printer's properties.

• Ensure that you have the latest driver for your printer. Manufacturers are always updating and improving their drivers. A quick visit to their website will ensure that your drivers are up-to-date. For details and instructions, please see this knowledge base article.

• This may seem obvious, but make sure there's sufficient ink in the cartridges. Because maps are printed full-page, and in full-color, it may use more ink than you are accustomed to.

• Use high-quality paper designed for color printing.

We go to great pains to ensure that our maps look good on the printed page. Through careful experimentation, you should have excellent results.

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