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Update: State-Specific Maps and Software

Optional updates for specific states using Edition 4.0x of the Professional USGS Topographic Series discs. 

For DVD-based Installations or Web Installations Prior to 4/6/2020:

Those with Professional USGS Topographic Series DVDs, or downloaded their state prior to 4/6/2020, the following updates are available by installing (or reinstalling) the state. These updates were included automatically during the state configuration process to anyone who downloaded and installed these states after April 6, 2020. 

In order to receive the latest maps/updates as described here, start TNP on the PC, open the File menu, choose Setup States and Regions, the install/reinstall one of these states:

The 4/6/2020 release adds 1:25,000 USGS Topographic Maps to much of Kodiak, Alaska. These are available in addition to the 1:63,000 maps on that island. It also greatly enhances and improves the usability and accuracy of the elevation indicator and 3-D view in Alaska.

The 4/6/2020 release corrects the classic USGS Quad Sheet: BOX K RANCH

The 4/6/2020 release corrects the classic USGS Quad Sheet: SANTA CRUZ

The 4/6/2020 release corrects the classic USGS Quad Sheet: MEADOW

Other Downloads:

Updated data sheets for each state's NGS Benchmarks are also available. For details, please see:

How to Download State-Specific Fixes:

Open Terrain Navigator Pro on the PC; select "Setup States and Regions" from the File menu; then follow the on-screen prompts to install/reinstall the state via Internet download.

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