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How do I get Projects from TNP PC Desktop to appear on Web Planner?

TNP Web Planner and the TNP Mobile App use the same "TNP Cloud" for project storage. This means that there is matching project available for editing on the TNP Mobile App (iPhone or Android) as well as on the web site at

The TNP Desktop PC, however, uses a much more robust file structure that can be currently emulated on the web or via a handheld mobile device.  Thus, projects on the PC desktop are not automatically duplicated onto the TNP cloud for editing on the web site or the TNP Mobile App. Instead, Project Synchronization is used to establish a relationship between a project on the PC desktop and the TNP Mobile App (or web site.)

For details on setting up Project Synchronization on the desktop, please see:

Note that when synchronizing on the PC Desktop, the various settings reflect TNP Mobile. Because TNP Mobile uses the same TNP Cloud as the web site, projects synchronized to a "Mobile Terrain Navigator Pro Project" will also be available for viewing and editing via

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