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How do I obtain an area measurement?

There are four tools available to generate area measurements in acreage, and square miles: the Distance Tool, the Polygon Tool, the Route Tool, and the Track Tool. 

1. To use the Distance Tool to obtain an area measurement:
Select either the freehand or straight distance tools on the Toolbar. Draw your area to be measured. Close the loop by connecting (but not overlapping) the end point with the start point. Right click on the distance line and choose Information. A summary will appear, showing the area contained by the Distance line.

The distance tool is a good way to obtain a simple measurement of an area. It is not meant for advanced annotations - for these try the Polygon tool.

2. To use the Polygon Tool to obtain area measurement:
Select the Polygon tool from the toolbar, then click to create a single vertex point. Then continue clicking around the perimeter to create the polygon. Press Done when finished.

If needed, add additional vertices by clicking on the polygon's edge, then dragging the point to the new location. This allows you to create a rough shape, then refine it as needed.

Use the Information tool to obtain the area of the polygon. Or, right click on the polygon, choose Edit Polygon, and set up automatic labeling of the area in the polygon's interior.

The Polygon tool is the most flexible and most powerful way to measure and annotate area in Terrain Navigator Pro. Be sure to check the help document (press Help in the Edit Polygon window) for more tips and tricks - including measuring multi-part and complex polygons.
3. To use the Route Tool to obtain an area measurement:
Select the Route Tool from the Toolbar. Draw your route, but do not place a final waypoint atop of the first. Press Finish Route, open the Layers menu and choose Routes. Highlight the name of the route you just created, check the 'Loop End to End' option on, and press Close. Choose the Information tool from the Toolbar and click on one of the waypoints in your route. A summary will appear, showing the area contained by the Route.

4. To use the Track Tool to obtain area measurement:
When using the track tool, try to not actually connect the beginning to the end. Instead, come "reasonably close" (within a 1/4 of an inch on the screen) and the area calculation should work reliably. When you try to connect the end to the beginning, the points may "overlap" for just a small amount, and cause Terrain Navigator to fail in properly computing the area.

Once the track is completed (but not connected) right click on the track and choose Finish Track. Then right click again and choose Toogle Loop. Finally, right click on the track a third time and choose Information. The Area will be shown.

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