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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I get the GPS to work?
For iPhone users: Verify Location Services is ON for Terrain Navigator Pro. Go to Settings > Location Services.

For Android users: Verify that GPS is selected under Settings > Location and Security.

Which mobile phones run Terrain Navigator Pro?
Terrain Navigator Pro runs on iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5. It does not work on first-generation iPhones. Terrain Navigator Pro also runs on a growing list Android-compatible devices. While it isn’t designed for tablets like the Apple iPad, it will run fine (in portrait mode.) We have no plans to support other platforms at this time.

How do I create a new project?
On Map page, either toggle the Track button from OFF to ON to start recording a track or press Mark to save markers or geopins. Any of these actions will auto-create a project that is saved under My Projects.

To create a marker or geopin, hit the MARK button. A box will open with PHOTO, VIDEO, AUDIO or marker. Select the type you want and fill in the name and description. Note: All media are geotagged so they act as geopins in a project.

What kind of topo maps does the TNP Mobile app come with?
The Terrain Navigator Pro Pro app provides topographic maps in the United States and Canada. Topo maps are 1:24K scale in the Lower 48, 1:63K in Alaska, and 1:50K in Canada. To see these maps, from the map screen, press LAYERS then pick Topo as the map type.

Note: Because the TNP mobile app is most often used in conjunction with the TNP PC software, map coverage outside of the area of use within the area purchased for the PC will be of limited use. For example, while Canadian topo maps will be available in the TNP mobile app, they are not available for the TNP desktop software - tracks and markers placed on the phone in Canada will not be visible on the desktop PC. However, all maps and coverage areas are also available by logging into

Do I need a cellular or data signal to use Terrain Navigator Pro?
No. This app uses the GPS built into your device. That means that you can see your location, track markers and navigate without a cell or data signal. We have recorded projects in remote backcountry areas in Colorado, and Alaska. Some features, like loading new maps not previously cached or uploading projects to your online account, do require a data connection.

Can I send messages from the Messages page?
The Messages feature serves as a message center where you will receive tips, exclusive content, and giveaways. Being a one-way messaging service, it is not an email account from which you can send messages.

Why don’t I see a map?
There could be a few reasons why you don’t see maps:

  • Check the map settings. From the map screen, press the Layers button and check what map type is selected. Terrain Navigator Pro has five map types (street, hybrid, aerial, topo and terrain) and an option to display no map.
  • No data coverage. Maps are downloaded to the phone using a data signal. This keeps file sizes small on your iPhone or Android phone. If you are in an area without a data signal and you didn’t preload maps before the project, you won’t see any maps. Learn how to preload maps below.

How do I get detailed topo maps on my phone when out of cell coverage?
Before you head into a remote location, preload your phone with the all the map quads you need. On your mobile device, launch Terrain Navigator Pro, go to the Map screen, zoom into the areas where you plan to hike. As you pan and zoom, the app will automatically store those map tiles on your phone for use off the grid. This process must be done for each map type (topo, terrain, aerial) you want stored on the phone, as well as each zoom level you’d like to see.

To increase the amount of maps saved on your phone, go to Settings > Map Settings.

You can also download and create custom MapPacks, which contain specific areas of coverage.

How can I submit feedback or suggestions?
We’d love to hear what you have to say about Terrain Navigator Pro.

How do I “go to” (navigate to) a point?
Say you want to navigate back to your campsite after an afternoon of off-trail exploring. Hit the “GOTO” button from the Map page and select the campsite marker that you previously marked. A straight line on the map page will connect your current location with the marker you selected. The Compass screen will indicate distance to, compass bearing, and position of the goto marker. To clear the “GOTO” action, go to the Compass screen and hit Clear.

What is map datum?
Every map has a "datum," which describes the survey grid used to match the coordinates and features on the ground. Most topos maps in the United States are in WGS 84/NAD 83 or NAD 27. Always match your GPS with your paper map's datum, located in the key at the bottom of the map. Caution: If you're using a NAD 27 map and WGS 84 on your Terrain Navigator Pro phone app, your coordinates could be off as much as 1/4 of a mile.

What coordinates does this app support?
Terrain Navigator Pro supports latitude/longitude coordinate in three formats: Decimal Degrees (DM), Degrees and Decimal Minutes (DMM), Degrees, Minutes and Seconds (DMS). It also supports UTM, a reference grid that divides topographic maps into 1-kilometer squares for easy and accurate plotting and USNG/MGRS which are common in search and rescue and military applications.

To change the coordinate format displayed in the app, go to Settings > Position Format.

How do I find my Projects in the Terrain Navigator Pro app?
All your projects are tied to your account. To see your projects, launch the Terrain Navigator Pro app, login and go to the My projects area off the main page. All your projects are stored to the cloud, so you can access them through Terrain Navigator Pro on the desktop and in Terrain Navigator Pro apps.

Why can’t I login in?
You can get your account credentials from the Terrain Navigator Pro desktop software. Open the File menu of Terrain Navigator Pro on the desktop computer and choose Preferences, Subscription and User Account. Still having problems? Contact Please provide account details (such as your TNP Product ID) for faster response.

What is an Active project?
An active project is the current project actively recording information that may include saved markers, tracks, photos or videos. An active project is created as soon as you mark a point, capture media or start recording a track. That info is auto-saved as a project and is stored under My projects. To close an active project, go to the Main menu and hit the red close button.

How do I save battery power?
We’ve done a lot to try to minimize battery usage in Terrain Navigator Pro. To further maximize battery life, try:

  • Shutting down any apps running in the background on your phone. Two or three apps running simultaneously will drain the battery faster.
  • Pausing the track or route. Drawing a track on the map requires constant GPS location checks.
  • Limiting playback time. Reviewing photos or video clips over and over again can drain battery power.

Can I get waterproof paper maps to match the topo maps in Terrain Navigator Pro?
Yes. We use MyTopo digital maps. You can create a custom waterproof map at The map will arrive at your doorstep in as little as two days.

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