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Setting the Scale of a Printed/Published Map

Entering an exact scale (rather than a percentage of size) when presenting a map.

In the Print/Publish Map window, when the Map Page Block is selected, there are options presented for setting the map type, edition, merge, and scale. These are identical to the scale and type/editions offered on the toolbar of the main map window:
Like the scale control on the toolbar, any map scale desired can be typed into this list. This allows the precise sizing of the map once the finished page is printed or published. Simply forgo the list of suggested map scales (which are optimized for on-screen viewing) and instead type the desired scale into the list, then press Update. The print preview will now resize to reflect the scale entered.

Can the scale be represented as 1 inch equals so many feet?
Yes, use the Summary Page Block. Insert a Summary Page Block onto the map page and the scale will be indicated in 1 inch = feet. Updating the Scale of the Map Page Block will also refresh the scale in the Summary - allowing a precise representation of scale to be determined. Once satisfied, either delete the Summary Page Block, or incorporate it into your finished map. For more details on Page Blocks, press the Help button in the Print window, or refer to this article.

Tip: In the Layers section of the Map Page Block, press Select Layers to include tic marks at 1 inch intervals - which can be helpful in determining distances on a printed map page. 

In older versions of TNP there was an option to represent the map scale as a percentage. Why was this feature removed?
In older versions, the maps were (primarily) representations of printed USGS Topographic quad sheets. This allowed the printed maps to be scaled as a percentage of their original size. (For example: 50% of a 1:24,000/1"=2000ft map would be 1:12,000/1"=1000ft.) However, in order to accommodate the new generation of modern maps such as high-resolution Satellite Images and current Terrain Outdoor/Contour maps, this computation is no longer possible, since the base map has no physical scale.

What are other changes are in version 11?
You will find a complete list of the most dramatic improvements and revisions at:

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