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Parcel Ownership Layer is Unavailable

How to troubleshoot issues when the optional Parcel Data tier (sold separately) will not display (or stops displaying) in Terrain Navigator Pro.

There are several scenarios that can cause the parcel layer not to display. Here's how to correct them.

1. Ensure that the Parcel layer is turned on and that a detailed scale is selected.

Open the View menu, choose Layer Size/Visibility and verify that the Parcel layer is selected (with an X in the box.) If Parcels is not in the list of layers, then proceed through items 4 - 9, below.

If the Parcel layer is selected, verify that all layers are not hidden. Open the View menu and ensure that there is a check mark to the left of Show Layers. (If not, select it to check it.)

Finally, be sure that you are selecting the proper map scale before selecting a Parcel to find. On the toolbar, set the map scale to 1:18,056 (or lower); then use Find, Parcels to locate the plot.

2. Verify that you have the correct state selected.

If you have two (or more) states in your collection of TNP regions, be sure that the state you are viewing is the one selected. For example, the TNP titlebar should indicate Florida if you are viewing maps in Orlando. If the titlebar doesn't indicate the correct state, open the File menu and choose Select State/Region to switch TNP's internal database of parcels to reflect the state that is in view.

3. Ensure that there is coverage available

Open the web page:
Then scroll to the bottom of the page where a US map which indicates the general availability of the parcel information. For specific details on each state/county, scroll past the US map to the list of individual states. Then, click the state name to display all of the pertinent information regarding the areas of coverage, etc.

4. Have the current version of Terrain Navigator Pro

In TNP, open the Help menu and choose About. Here the version number will be displayed. Compare this against the download available at:
If you are not running the current version, follow the instructions available at that link to download and install it.

5. Check the Time

TNP uses your computer's date, time, and time zone to ensure that everything is registered properly. Click the date time on your Windows taskbar (usually in the lower right-hand corner.) Ensure that the date (including the year), time, and time zone are accurately indicated. Adjust if necessary and restart Terrain Navigator Pro.

6. Check Disk Space

Ensure that the hard drive where Terrain Navigator Pro is installed has sufficient space. If TNP's map data is kept on an external drive, check this location too. You should have at least 1GB of free space for temporary files, like parcel data, to download into.

7. Check the Find Menu (and Registration)

In TNP, open the Find menu. If an option exists for Parcels in the Find menu the parcel layer has been activated in your account.

If the Parcels option does not appear in the Find menu, your login for Terrain Navigator Pro may not be correct. Typically, this appears as a "registration warning" when starting TNP. If you are receiving a registration warning when TNP starts, please see:
Or call technical support at 800-627-7236 x205 for assistance.

If the registration is correct (and you are not receiving a registration warning when starting TNP) then your parcel layer tier may not be activated in your account. Please contact your TNP sales representative at 800-627-7236 x204 for assistance.

8. Clear the Cache

In some cases, the temporary map files created by Terrain Navigator Pro may become damaged. Open the File menu and choose Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache. In the Map/Aerial Photo Cache section, press the Clear Temporary Cache button (and press Yes.) Restart Terrain Navigator Pro and your parcels may start appearing.

9. Use TLS Security

The hosting service that contains the parcel data requires TLS 1.0 or 1.1 security. Ensure that your Internet options are so set.

Open the Windows Control Panel, then choose (or search for) Internet Options. In the Internet Properties window, open the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Security Settings. Ensure that these settings are checked:
- Use TLS 1.0
- Use TLS 1.1
- Use TLS 1.2

Press OK and restart Terrain Navigator Pro.
(Note: Some versions of Windows may require slightly different steps to allow TLS security. Other versions of Windows may not include TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2; in that case simply check whatever TLS version(s) available.)

10. Reset All Parcel Files

If all else fails, your data set may have become inadvertently damaged. To correct this, exit TNP and open the following folder on your PC:
C:\ProgramData\Maptech\Terrain Navigator Pro\MAPDATA
(Note that ProgramData is a hidden system folder - use the View options to show hidden files and folders.)
In the MAPDATA folder, locate the Parcels folder.
Delete the entire Parcels folder.
Restart TNP and the parcels should now be available again.

To use an automated application that will reset the parcel data files for you, please click, download, and run:
Note: This utility is listed as having an "unknown publisher." 

My parcels are not appearing on my TNP Mobile App. 
Please see:

My parcels are still not appearing on the PC. Now what?
Please give us a call at 800-627-7236 x105. Explain that you have tried all of the steps in this document. If you had any questions or errors during any of these, be sure to ask the support representative to verify that all steps were done completely.

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