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Installation: How to Setup TNP Once the Subscription Has Lapsed

Software can be fully installed and functional, but without subscription benefits, including updates.

One of the most significant benefits of the annual subscription is the ability to download all software updates and upgrades during the active period. Moreover, upon renewal where a new “Installer” DVD is sent to provide a physical copy of all updates accumulated during the subscription and to update the street layer to the latest available.

The key to installing Terrain Navigator Pro (whether or not the subscription is active) is to locate the most recent version of this Installer DVD. If you renewed your subscription previously, an Installer (or update) disc was sent to you. If you cannot locate that Installer disc, then use whatever version you can find. If you have more than one state (or more than one version of the Installer disc) use whichever version has the highest number.

Insert the highest number Installer disc you have in your collection. Ideally this will be version 10 or later. If you have a version 9 or 8.71 Installer disc, that will work fine. Installer discs older than version 8.71 are not recommended for use with modern versions of Windows (such as Windows 7, 8 or 10.) For details, please see:

The disc should run; press the Install button and proceed through the setup process. If the disc does not start automatically, double-click on the Setup.exe application file on the disc.

If prompted that a newer version of the software is available, decline the update.
Because the subscription has expired, such updates cannot be applied.

When prompted, provide the Product ID that accompanied your initial purchase of Terrain Navigator Pro. If you have more than one Product ID, use one that has the TNP-002 prefix. If you have lost your product ID, please email us at for assistance.

Installation will also require the Configuration and Geographic Database and Professional USGS Topographic Series discs for your state(s.) These were included with your initial purchase of Terrain Navigator Pro. If your discs are missing, please call us at 800-627-7236 to renew the subscription and purchase replacement discs. (Note: Some early “Maptech” discs are labeled Geographic Data Enhancement; these are equivalent to the Configuration and Geographic Database discs.)

The registration may give errors, but still fill in all requested information.
During the state configuration process, the registration process will likely not be successful because the subscription has expired and/or older servers are no longer available. Moreover you may receive one or more messaged such as "Internet Connection Error" or "The product registration was not successful." This is to be expected as these servers are decommissioned. Should this occur, press Next to proceed through the setup process. If Next is disabled (grayed out) then be sure that all requested registration information (name, address, phone, email) is provided - then the Next button will be enabled.

After the registration process concludes (with errors as noted above) the state will install and be available for use within Terrain Navigator Pro – but without the benefits of the subscription.

What am I missing by not renewing my subscription?
Your copy of Terrain Navigator Pro will be limited to the display of the older, outdated traditional USGS topographic maps. Any current maps and photos are not available. There are also other benefits, for details, see:

What if I want to renew my subscription later?
Great! Please give us a call at 800-627-7236 and we’ll set it up. If you are running version 10 or later of TNP, you can also renew online by logging into your Terrain Navigator Pro account. Renewals start at $240 and include the latest software (provided on an updated Installer DVD and via download), access to aerial photos, updated street maps, live technical support, synchronization with the TNP Mobile App, and many other benefits.

When TNP starts, I get a warning about registration or the subscription. How do I disable this?
Please see this Knowledge Base Article.

I have more than one state. How do I install additional states?
Start Terrain Navigator Pro, open the File menu and choose Setup States and Regions. (On older versions of Terrain Navigator Pro, this menu item may be labeled New Map CD Setup.) Then follow the on-screen prompts.              

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