Google Earth doesn't interface properly with TNP

The article below applies to TNP 11. As of 4/22/2019, TNP 12 is fully compatible with the current, 64-bit version of Google Earth Pro.

If you have TNP 12, please also update your copy of Google Earth to the current 64-bit version of Google Earth Pro to ensure maximum compatibility with TNP. The current version of Google Earth Pro can be found at:


Google Earth has compatibility issues: appears uninstalled, attempts to reinstall, doesn't stay sync'd with Terrain Navigator Pro, etc.

Google Earth is a fine application for viewing a wide variety of mapping information via an Internet connection. As a feature of the later versions of Terrain Navigator Pro, Google Earth can be synchronized into a split-screen mode with maps in Terrain Navigator. This allows side-by-side comparisons to be accomplished, along with many other interesting tips and tricks.

When Google releases updated versions of Google Earth, they may make adjustments that can affect the compatibility with Terrain Navigator Pro (as well as other applications.) In fact, our tests have shown that some versions of Google Earth have many other compatibility issues, including some that are completely independent of Terrain Navigator Pro.

This can be illustrated when Google Earth appears not to be installed, or system messages appear that attempt to reinstall Google Earth, or a variety of other system oddities. Thus, whenever Google Earth does not appear to be synchronizing properly with Terrain Navigator, we recommend uninstalling Google Earth, and installing (or reinstalling) the previous version.

On May 20, 2015, Google made a change to version 7.1 of Google Earth (version that breaks their compatibility with Terrain Navigator Pro. Until Google rectifies this, if ever, we recommend using an older version of Google Earth.

Also, on January 22, 2018, Google released a 64-bit version of Google Earth Pro (version that is completely incompatible with Terrain Navigator Pro. Please use a 32-bit version of Google Earth (or Google Earth Pro) to maintain compatibility with TNP. Our initial tests have shown that the 32-bit version of Google Earth Pro appears to maintain full compatibility with TNP; as of this writing, the free download for the 32-bit version of Google Earth Pro can be found at

If you are running Google Earth and having difficulty interfacing it with Terrain Navigator Pro, we recommend uninstalling Google Earth, then re-downloading and reinstalling an older version. Be sure to uninstall and re-download/re-install, as simply reinstalling the Google Earth software does not re-establish the link between Terrain Navigator Pro and Google Earth, nor will you receive the previous version.

The 7.0 version of Google Earth can be found at:
NOTE: This is NOT an official Google download site; please use with appropriate caution and care.

Older versions of Google Earth and Google Earth Pro (including 32-bit versions that may be compatible with TNP) can be found on Google's web site at:

Once a prior version of Google Earth is installed (or re-installed), the synchronization features within Terrain Navigator Pro should work properly again.  

I have reinstalled Google Earth 7.0 and I am still unable to synchronize it with Terrain Navigator Pro. Is there something else I can try?
Yes. We have had customers report that User Access Control (also referred to as "UAC") settings can cause issues with the Google Earth synchronization feature of Terrain Navigator Pro. Thus, if Google Earth will not start from within Terrain Navigator Pro, try disabling the UAC in your copy of Windows.

To adjust the User Account Control settings in Windows 7, click the Start button, type UAC in the search bar and press Enter. Set the control to "Never Notify" and press OK.

Can I do anything to use the current version of Google Earth within Terrain Navigator Pro?
We attempt to re-establish the Google Earth connection whenever TNP is installed or updated. If Google Earth (any version) is working properly outside of TNP, you may want to re-install the latest version of Terrain Navigator Pro. However, do not uninstall TNP first, instead just re-download and re-run the latest update to TNP. For details on downloading the latest version of TNP, please see: 

Alternatively, those with advanced computer skills can try this procedure:
  1. Exit Google Earth and Terrain Navigator Pro.
  2. Open a Command Prompt ("DOS window") with administrator privileges.
  3. In the Command Prompt window:
    a. for Google Earth, type:
    CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth\client 
    (and press Enter)
    b. for Google Earth Pro, type
    CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth Pro
    (and press Enter
  4. In the Command Prompt window, type: googleearth.exe /RegServer (and press Enter)
  5. Close the Command Prompt window. Verify that Google Earth starts and operates properly without Terrain Navigator Pro. Then close Google Earth, start Terrain Navigator Pro and Google Earth may now be available as a map type.

Google reserves the right to modify, refine, and enhance their application. It is possible that these changes will cause the link between Google Earth and Terrain Navigator Pro to no longer function properly (as has occurred with the 05/20/2015 release of Google Earth 7.1.) When this occurs, we may attempt to correct this incompatibility in the next release of Terrain Navigator Pro. However, if the scope and/or nature of this repair is extensive, or Google has removed the functionally altogether, this "fix" may not be possible.

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