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Update/Fix: Version 12.2.1 Software Upgrade

Software update for versions 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.31, 10.4, 10.41, 10.42, 11.00, 11.01, 11.02, 11.03, 11.04, 11.05, 11.06, 11.07, 11.08, 12.0.0 and 12.1.0.


This download is for customers with current/active subscriptions who have a version of Terrain Navigator Pro; it will update these versions of Terrain Navigator Pro to version 12.2.1. It can also be used as an "Installer" for new installations of Terrain Navigator Pro (but without a street layer.) We have made many improvements to the software that we hope you will enjoy. (Please note that the download described on this page is for the "Stand Alone" edition of Terrain Navigator Pro. Updates for the "Network Edition" (including "All-in-One" drives) are no longer available. Please call us at 800-627-7236 to discuss migrating to Terrain Navigator Pro Enterprise.)

Welcome to TNP 12!

We've been hard at work adding new map types, sought-after features and correcting minor incompatibilities. In many ways, this is the most significant update to Terrain Navigator Pro since it was initially released over 20 years ago.

What's new in version 12.0.0, 12.1.0 and 12.2.1?
  • Now with More Speed and Power!
    We've overhauled the internals of Terrain Navigator Pro making it a native "64-bit" application. This means that on most modern computers, Terrain Navigator Pro will be faster, have access to more memory, and perform large complex operations (such as high-resolution printing, exporting, and importing of large custom maps) without difficulty. While we were at it, we improved Terrain Navigator Pro's reliability when the Internet is down or performing poorly - this included updating the various status checks and warning messages. Other improvements increased the speed and reliability of the startup sequence, reduced the likelihood of needing the map catalog to be rebuilt, and minimized the appearance of errant "(Not Responding)" Windows messages.
  • Updated and Higher-Resolution Maps & Photos
    The Satellite Image map types (standard and hybrid-street editions) are now updated with the latest, high-quality imagery available through our map provider. The Street map type and Terrain Outdoor Contour edition map images have been updated and overhauled to improve detail and accuracy. The Terrain Contour map has been repurposed into a shaded-relief style map.
  • Better Markers
    The label text position for each marker can now be positioned around (or on) the marker symbol, making it easier than ever to annotate maps with point objects. In addition, the marker's Notes, GPS Name, or Elevation can be used as it's label text. Speaking of elevation, it can now be specified for any marker, allowing Terrain Navigator Pro's digital elevation model to be supplanted with field-collected (or desired) values. The importing of makers has been greatly enhanced with new formats (including .CSV, .DXF, .KML, .KMZ, .TAB, .TXT, .WAY, .WKT files.) Control Points (and other point data) contained in pre-formatted PNEZD/PENZD .CSV files are now imported directly. Moreover, any coordinate system (including state plane and UTM) can be used when importing markers.
  • Better Polygons
    The transparency of the polygon's interior can now be set for both aspects of the shading pattern - allowing fill patterns that gracefully reveal the map features within the polygon's boundary; this includes a new preview window indicating when the foreground (or background) is clear/transparent. For greater clarity, Polygon label text can now have a specific color, and background color. Polygon Preferences have been updated with additional options. Polygons can be imported from .KML, .KMZ, and .GPX file formats, and exported as .KML, .KMZ, .GPX, and ESRI Shapefiles. Multiple polygons can be selected at once for copying to the clipboard, or to be combined into a single polygon; plus polygons can be split into multiple parts. The polygon's label can now include its name, notes, GPS name, and certain combinations such as name with area. Creating polygons is now easier, with automatic "snapping" of vertices to one another, better point placement, and improved Undo operations.
  • Better Labels
    There are new options for the label boarder, arrow leader (line or wedge), and end cap (arrow, dot, or square.) The background of the label can also be transparent or have a shadow for a 3-D effect. And when printing/publishing the map, labels positioning will correspond to the map view (when the same map scale is used.)
  • Better Overlays
    Imported GIS data sets (.DXF, .KML/.KMZ, and ESRI Shapefile) have been enhanced with: increased compatibility with variants and subformats, proper unit conversions with mismatched DXF/DC files, improved detection (and Find operations), better polygon support, and consistent text placement..
  • Improved Map Viewing
    The controls used navigate Terrain Navigator Pro's maps and photos were enhanced. This includes improved mouse wheel zooming when two map windows are open, errant appearances of white maps, increased reliability of MapPack downloading, better compatibility with Google Earth (including the 64-bit version of Google Earth Pro), and reworking of the keyboard shortcuts (arrow buttons) when moving the map or selection tool.
  • Finding Your Way
    The reliability of the "red dot" on the Compass Control Bar has been improved. The Find Bookmark feature was enhanced, including a new Find button in the Edit Bookmarks window. Those with the optional Parcel Data Add-on can right-click on a parcel to find other parcels who share the same owner. In Find windows containing Layers (markers, tracks, etc.) the reliability of the "All" versus "Local" option was clarified. You can now search for Custom Maps in the Find menu (and duplicate entries of Custom Maps will not appear in the most-recent find list.) And once you found a route or track, we've addressed an issue that could cause the Find Circle to not clear properly.
  • Printing and Publishing
    Besides the improvements to the speed and reliability of printing/exporting maps and photos (especially aerial orthophotos and satellite images) made possible by the 64-bit application, we've also: improved the stability and reliability of the PDF export, increased the compatibility of certain Compass Rose options (and added a new style too), made the map properties tab in the print window "fit" better on low-resolution displays (exposing the before-hidden options for grid styles), and added .PNG image exporting (and importing for Artwork page blocks). Finally, 3D map images can be saved in .PNG format (along with other 3D exporting improvements.)
  • GPS Improvements
    Terrain Navigator Pro now directly communicates with Windows "Location Services" for receiving a live GPS position from GPS units using that protocol. We've also: improved the speed and reliability of the GPS Setup Wizard, removed post-processing functionality for discontinued Trimble Leap GNSS receiver, and corrected tracking issues to maintain map scale and navigate on USGS Maps with exposed collars.
  • Projects
    Automatic archiving of Projects has been greatly improved - now keeping a rolling collection of sequential backups. Moreover, we've addressed issues that caused extra projects to be created, the unexpected termination of Terrain Navigator Pro while switching between them, and inadvertent editing of projects that were locked.
  • Exporting Map Images
    In Georeferenced/Reprojected export, Geographic Projection of exported maps has been extended beyond the "Rectify" option (which was also enhanced to increase compatibility.) We also added a right-click option to the Selection Rectangle to Export the Map Image within its boundary to a non-referenced .BMP, .JPG, .PNG, or .TIF file.
  • Importing Map Images and Drawings
    The Custom Maps feature (which is greatly enhanced through the Sites Add-on, sold separately) received a bevy of improvements to increase its compatibility and usefulness (beyond those made possible by the 64-bit application.) These include: improved reliability of display and synchronization with the TNP Mobile App; increased compatibility with certain GeoTIFF images (including drone-produced photography), DXF drawings, .mbtiles map files, .BMP images, .PNG images, and .TIFF images; and corrected issues arising when custom maps are no longer present. Other new features those with the Sites Add-on will enjoy include: several additional merge options and transparencies (black/white), as well as "drag and drop" importing of Custom Maps by dragging them from Windows File Explorer and dropping them into the Terrain Navigator Pro map window.
  • Other Fixes and Enhancements
    Press the F1 key in any window to automatically open its help topic; the "Finish" button when creating Routes or Tracks is now accessed the same as Polygons (on the left side of the map window); when setting the GeoTip preference, the active tool is reflected; the "Fire Drawing Symbols" in the Tools menu has been renamed "ICS Tools" to better reflect their functionality; the magnetic declination computation has been updated to use the 2019 model; the application will now detect an invalid installation and attempt to correct it; the auto-update detection has been improved; fixed issues in the Layer Size/Visibility and Custom Grid Preference windows; addressed an issue that left false line during drawing of routes and tracks; and finally, corrected the interaction that could cause GeoTips and Tool Tips to appear when Terrain Navigator Pro's map window was behind other applications.

If you haven't updated your version of TNP to 11.x, you may want to have a look at this article for details on its changes:

What was improved in versions 12.0.1 and 12.0.2?
  • Installer (update) Improvements
    These two patch releases corrected an incompatibility issue that caused the migration from TNP 11 (a 32-bit application) to TNP 12 (a 64-bit application) to fail, leaving TNP unable to run. 12.0.1 addressed this for updates that are instigated by launching an external update/installer application. 12.0.2 addressed this for updates that are detected and launched within the main TNP application. Note that 12.0.2 is being distributed automatically to all customers - but the version number that appears when TNP starts will remain (the application itself has not changed, just the installation/update routines.)

How To Download and Install

Starting with version 9.1 of TNP, software updates are automatically detected. Restart Terrain Navigator Pro and you should be presented with an option to download the latest version. Press Yes to download and install the above version.

If you are not presented with an option to download, open the File menu of Terrain Navigator Pro, then choose Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache, and press the Check Now button for application updates.

My copy of Terrain Navigator Pro does not update automatically. Is there another way to accomplish this?
In the event the automatic update does not apply, please see:

Important Note:
Software updates are included as part of the annual subscription. This subscription entitles you to all software upgrades, map/photo updates, aerial photos (of various editions) and many other benefits. If you have let your subscription lapse, please call us at 800-627-7236 x204 to renew your subscription - which will enable you to download the latest software.

I do not have a account, how do I download this update?
Please call us at 800-627-7236. After verifying your subscription status, we will provide a link to the download, or some other method to acquire the software updates to which you are entitled.

My subscription has lapsed, how do I download this update?
If you have a account, you can log into and click Subscriptions to renew. If you have an older version of Terrain Navigator or Terrain Navigator Pro, please call us at 800-627-7236.

How do I get updated map DVDs?
Customers who want to replace their older USGS topo map CDs with DVDs can do so for $49. This cost is for per state/region that has already been purchased and includes the latest Installer DVD, featuring version 12.  Please call us at 800-627-7236 to order. This offer is only available to existing Terrain Navigator Pro customers with active subscriptions.

Note that TNP now supports web downloads for complete installations - DVDs are no longer required!

How To Download the Mobile App

The Terrain Navigator Pro Mobile App is available for download at the App Store (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android.)

Once the app is downloaded, you will be prompted for an account name and password. These are set up in the Terrain Navigator Pro desktop software by opening the File menu and choosing Preferences, Project Synchronization.

Also Available for Download: Installer DVD

Log into your TNP Account and click Downloads to find an "ISO Image" of the current Installer DVD. This can be used in lieu of the web downloads to do a full installation of the software (including the state discs) or provide a replacement for those who have misplaced their discs.

To deploy this image, please use the "TNP Installer DVD downloader" - which will download the 3.2 GB ISO image, and then automatically unpack and run the latest Installer DVD. This is recommended for those who are not familiar with using ISO DVD images and need a complete installer disc for Terrain Navigator Pro.

Alternatively, you may download the 1 GB ISO image itself, then use appropriate software to mount the ISO image as a CD/DVD drive, or to create a DVD using the image. Doing so is an operation best handled by someone with IT experience - the TNP support staff cannot assist with DVD creation or ISO image mounting.

Update Program Revisions

12/01/16 - Version 11.0 Release
02/13/17 - Version 11.01 Release
04/10/17 - Version 11.02 Release
09/05/17 - Version 11.03 Release
12/05/17 - Version 11.04 Release
01/12/18 - Version 11.05 Release
02/06/18 - Version 11.06 Release
07/16/18 - Version 11.07 Release
07/18/18 - Version 11.08 Release
04/22/19 - Version 12.0.0 Release
04/25/19 - Version 12.0.1 Release
05/01/19 - Version 12.0.2 Release
05/16/19 - Version 12.1.0 Release
11/22/19 - Version 12.2.1 Release
03/19/20 - Version 12.2.2 Release (Installer change only; no application files modified.)
06/23/22 - Version 12.2.3 Release (Added new print templates optimized for MyTopo)  

Download Link

Please click this link to log into your TNP account and download this software update.

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