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Settings Screen

Account Settings: If you have an existing account you can login, or register for a new account. All your projects are saved to the cloud so you can access them through the application or on the desktop.

GPS Settings: Pick your coordinate format, preferred map datum and compass settings. We suggest that you match your GPS coordinate format and map datum with the paper map you are using in the field (see the map’s key for details).

Tracking Settings: Arrival radius prompts you when you have arrived at a marker or track that you are navigating to. Track distance tells the application how detailed of a track you want to collect. Warning: The more detailed the track the better the app can calculate trip distances. However, detailed tracks require more GPS recordings; which can affect battery usage.

Application Specific: There are two options available - Auto Name Projects and Enable Sounds. You can tell the application to automatically name projects by turning this option on. New projects will be created with today's date as part of the name. Enabling sounds will turn on notification sounds such as arrival warnings when navigating to a point.

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