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What is the difference between the 90-day and 1-year TNP Subscriptions?

The 90-day subscription option for TNP has the same great features as the 1-year subscription, but with a few notable differences in available options.

What are the differences between the 90-day (short term) and 1-year subscription options for TNP?

Functionally, they are identical, except for the duration of the subscription. Both feature the same great maps, photos, and tools that make TNP the go-to choice for mapping professionals and enthusiasts. TNP's cross-platform apps (PC, iOS, Android, and website) are available regardless of the duration period.

The only restrictions on the TNP 90-day subscription are in regards to additional licenses and add-ons:
  • A 90-day subscription can only be licensed for mapping within a single state (or region of New England or Mid Atlantic.)
  • The Premium Land Ownership (parcel data) add-on layer is not available during a 90-day subscription.
  • The Sites add-on is not available during a 90-day subscription.
  • TNP for teams (multi-user accounts) is not available during a 90-day subscription.

What are the advantages of the 90-day TNP subscription?
We recognize that TNP has a broad following across many different disciplines. In some cases, there may be a short term project that TNP would be useful for. Alternatively, an additional staff member may need a TNP license for a temporary assignment. Or TNP may be desired during the summer months for recreational purposes. Rather than forcing a year-long commitment, the lower-cost short term 90-day subscription period may be better suited in these circumstances.

Can I "pause" my 90-day subscription? When does it start and end?
The 90-day period begins the day the purchase (or renewal) is made. It runs for 90 consecutive days and can not be paused, suspended, or transferred. At the end of the 90-day period (and after ample warnings via the software and email) access to TNP will be deactivated. 

I have an existing TNP subscription. Can I renew it for 90-days when my current subscription period ends?

Yes - but with some caveats:
  • You must only have one state (or region) licensed for use. If you have more than one state, the subscription period must be renewed in 1-year increments (regardless if an active subscription is maintained for those other states.)
  • You can not have any additional add-on licenses for Premium Land Ownership (parcel data), Sites (advanced site planning and map import), or more than one TNP user within your Organization's account.
If these conditions are met, the option for a 90-day subscription will be presented during the renewal process. If you have any questions, or if this option is not available, please feel free to contact us at 800-627-7236 to discuss your options and process your renewal over the phone.

Can I start with a 90-day subscription, then renew for one year at a later time?
Absolutely. The one-year option will always be available upon renewal (and represents the better value for those who need access to TNP for longer than a three-month period.)

I have a very old version of Terrain Navigator Pro and I haven't had a subscription in a long time. Can I use the 90-day subscription to upgrade to the current software for use on my new PC? If so, can I still use my old map DVDs? And will access to TNP cease once the subscription ends?

If you already have a TNP account (from version 10 or later) then you can log into to renew that account for 90-days. Upon renewal, the Downloads section will be available for access to the current software which is a 64-bit application fully compatible with Windows 10 and 11. If you have misplaced your TNP username or password, please call us at 800-627-7236 (or email for assistance.

If your version of Terrain Navigator Pro predates version 10 (or you have a predecessor product such as Terrain Navigator or TopoScout) then you can purchase a new 90-day subscription for TNP as we will not have your information in the TNP login system.

In either case, the 90-day option is only available for those with one state (or regions of New England and Mid Atlantic). If you had licensed more than one state, you can contact us to have unneeded states removed from your account. All states used with the current version of TNP should be installed via download from the web site - CDs and DVDs produced by Maptech or MyTopo are not compatible with the current version of TNP.

Once the subscription period concludes, TNP will no longer be accessible.

How much does the 90-day subscription cost?
$99 for a single user access to a single state (or region of New England or Mid Atlantic) license for a period of 90-days.

What are the benefits of the annual subscription?

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