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Why can't I view Parcels (Private Land Ownership) in TNP Mobile?

Check Your Licenses
First off, be sure that you have either an active Parcel Data Add-on for that state (or region.) Log into using your TNP username and password, then check the licenses. If you have a Parcel Data Subscription for the state, then you should be able to access the parcel data on the phone as a MapPack. 

Download the MapPack
Unlike the TNP PC software, where parcels are streamed on-demand, parcel data in the mobile app must be pre-downloaded as a MapPack. For details on loading and accessing the parcel data, please refer to:

Verify that your Subscription is Active
Also, check the subscription status (click Subscriptions when logged in at An active 
Parcel Data Subscription is required in order to display the parcel data.

Zoom in to See the Parcels
Zoom level 9-11 may not display for the area you are viewing - please zoom to levels 11-15 to view private land ownership. The zoom level is indicated as a number near the map scale.

Ensure Coverage is Available in Your Area
While the vast majority of the US has parcel/land ownership information available digitally, there are some isolated areas that do not. For a complete list of currently available areas (and break-downs by county) please see: (scroll to "Parcel Data on the Desktop" and then click the coverage map for your individual state.)

Parcels Don't Load/Display on Android Devices
In some rare circumstances, Parcels may not download or display on certain Android-based phones.
To address this, reset the parcel data by:
1. On the phone, open: Settings, Storage, Other Apps, Terrain Navigator. Press Clear Cache, then press Clear Storage.

2. On the phone, use Settings (or tap and hold) to Uninstall the Terrain Navigator Pro app.

3. Use a file viewer on the phone (built-in, or download one from the App Store) to delete this folder and all contents in it:
Internal Storage > Download > TrimbleMapBundles

4. Restart the phone.

5. Open the App Store to re-download and reinstall the TNP Mobile App.

6. Log into the TNP App. Ensure a map displays without errors and that all Projects synchronize.

7. Open MapPacks, Purchased, and download the counties (listed by state.)

Parcels Still Don't Load/Display on Android Devices
We have received reports that the parcel database is incompatible with certain SD cards. If the phone has an SD storage card (which is not the same as a SIMM card) try:
1. Perform steps 1-3 above.

2. Shut down the phone, carefully remove the SD card, then restart the phone.

3. Proceed with steps 5-7, above.

If that works, you may be able to re-insert the SD card, and TNP will continue to access Parcel data.

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