Apple Mac OS and Terrain Navigator Pro

At this time, we do not offer Mac-specific versions of Terrain Navigator Pro. Unfortunately, we have determined that to port 20+ years of Windows-based development onto another platform would not be cost effective. While we admire the Mac for its ease of use, it is not feasible for us to produce a version of Terrain Navigator Pro specifically for the Mac OS.

However, many Mac users have reported successful use of our products with Windows emulation modes such as Boot Camp, Parallels, and Fusion. While we cannot officially support installations in that environment, it is our understanding that Terrain Navigator Pro works flawlessly with these compatibility modes and emulators.

Know that we are working on advancing Terrain Navigator Pro's compatibility with our mobile and web offerings. In doing so, if a workable Mac OS application can be developed, we will certainly consider creating one. However, like our mobile applications, some of the most powerful features in Terrain Navigator Pro may be restricted to the main PC based application.

Special Note for using TNP under Parallels:

We have had several customers report that using TNP with Parallels is a very good solution. However, by default, Parallels installs access to DVD drives as "Network drives" rather than "CD/DVD drives" within the Windows Operating system. This issue is documented (with a fix shown) on these web sites:

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