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How to Display Parcels (Land Ownership) in the TNP Mobile App

Those who have added a Parcel Data Subscription (tier) to their state's base subscription can access parcel (land ownership) information on their smartphone using the TNP Mobile App along with their desktop software and via the web planner project viewer available at

What's Included
Private land parcel ownership details (where available), including plot boundaries and address, landowner’s name, and parcel number include:
  • Parcel boundaries. 
  • Plot the borders of private lands over detailed topo maps.
  • Landowner's name; find out who owns the land.
  • Land address; get the physical address of the land.
  • Parcel number (APN); see the county parcel number assigned by the county assessor.
How Do I Determine If I Should Have Parcel Data Displayed?
Log in to, using the Username and Password created when you registered your TNP account:
  1. Select Account, Licenses, and then select the pencil icon in front of Parcels.
  2. Here, you will see the SKU and the expiration date of the Parcels. This could be a PARCELDATA Tier added to a TNP "BaseSubscription".
  3. If the PARCELDATA has expired, select Subscriptions (at the top of the window), and then put a check in the box, next to the items to renew, and then select Renew. Be sure to renew both the Base Subscription for the state, along with the additional Parcel Data Tier.)
  4. If you do not have a PARCELDATA Tier, select Subscriptions (at the top of the window) to purchase this feature. Subscriptions start at $120 per year and must run concurrently with the base subscription for that state.

How Do I Install the Parcels on my Mobile Device?
  1. Start the TNP Mobile App. 
  2. In the TNP Mobile App, open MapPacks and press the "Purchased" button on the upper left side of the screen. The app will then check the licenses for all parcel data that you are entitled to. 
  3. The list of MapPacks will populate and you can download any parcel data that is currently licensed.

How Do I View the Land Ownership (Parcel Data)?
  1. Start the TNP Mobile App (on iPhone or Android.)
  2. On the Map screen, select Layers:
  3. Open the Overlay list and select Land Ownership:

  4. Scroll down to the Map Options and check on Land Ownership Markers:

  5. Press Done, and admire the parcel information on the map:

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