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Fix: Registration Warning - Not Properly Registered

Receiving the following Warning:
Your copy of Terrain Navigator Pro does not appear to be registered properly on this PC. Please contact MyTopo at 800-627-7236 or to correct this issue.

If the Username in this message is blank (as shown above) it indicates that your Username (and password) did not get saved properly when the TNP account was created during the installation/upgrade process. You can address this by entering your Username and password in the following manner:

1. Start Terrain Navigator Pro. Click through any warnings about the registration then open a topographic map.

2. Open the File menu and choose Preferences, Subscription and User Account.

3. Press the Change Login button. (If you have an older version of TNP, this button may be labeled Change User. Do not press Change Password.)

4. Enter your Username and the password that you specified when you installed version 10 of TNP. Press OK. If you have forgotten your Username, please contact us at or 800-627-7236.

5. Press Yes on the warning about changing the user account. Since you are not currently logged in as any user, it does not apply.

6. Restart Terrain Navigator Pro and your registration should be successful.

My Username is filled in on this message and in the Subscription and User Account preference.
In TNP open the File menu and choose Preferences, Subscription and User Account. Here note your Username, Password, and Product IDs.

If one (or more) of your Product IDs are blank, reinstall that state. Open the File menu and choose Setup States and Regions. Use the Configuration and Geographic Database and Professional USGS Topographic Series discs to reinstall the state. (You will not need to reinstall the software, nor will you loose your project layers of markers, tracks, etc.)

If your Password appears garbled, press Change Login to re-enter your username and password. Press OK, then Yes to the warning message regarding Project Synchronization (which will not apply, since you are currently having registration issues.)

If the Username and password both appear correct, try logging in at:
Use the same username and password specified in Subscription and User Account.

If you are unable to login to, please contact us at 800-627-7236 to reset your username and/or password. When calling, please have your Product ID.

If you are able to login at with this username and password, but you are still receiving registation errors, it is highly likely that some Internet security software is blocking terpro.exe's access to For details on how to troubleshoot Internet connectivity, please see:

Note: The login at accepts both the username or the email address on the account. The login within the Terrain Navigator Pro desktop software employs the username exclusively - which may or may not actually be the same as the email address on the account. If you are able to log into with your email address, ensure that the username on the account - which is displayed in the Users section of the admin page - is also employed in the TNP desktop under File, Preferences, Subscription and User Account. Press Change Login to adjust the username in the TNP desktop software to match the username (and not the email address) as displayed at

I am receiving this warning when I do not have an Internet connection. Why is that and can it be suppressed?
TNP requires an Internet connection to verify registration and subscription status. Thus, if you start TNP without an Internet connection, you will be warned about that registration error. The message can be ignored (although it may appear several times.)

To suppress this warning when you want to use TNP offline for an extended period, open the File menu and choose Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache, and deselect the option to Allow Terrain Navigator to connect to the Internet.

I am able to log into with my Username and password. My IT department has also verified that terpro.exe has full access to What now?
Please contact us at or 800-627-7236. When calling or emailing, please provide the Username, Product ID, Installation ID, and Machine Name indicated in the warning message. Most helpful is to email us and include a screen shot of the window: File, Preferences, Subscription and User Account.

I am running an older (pre-version 10) version of Terrain Navigator Pro. How do I disable its registration warnings?
Please see:

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