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Skipping the TNP Mobile App Login


While it is recommended that you use the TNP Mobile App in conjunction with the Terrain Navigator Pro desktop software, you may want to use the app on its own. As such, you can skip the login process and use its features, independent of the desktop software.

If you have the Terrain Navigator Pro desktop software (version 9.2 or later) follow these instructions to create a mobile account, then log in.

What features are available when the Login process is skipped?

If you do not currently have Terrain Navigator Pro, you are welcome to sample the TNP mobile app by skipping the login process. The app will be fully functional, but with a few exceptions that are reserved for those using the app in conjunction with the PC desktop software:

1. All markers, media "geopin" markers (photos, videos, and audio clips), and tracks will be stored in a temporary Project. This project can not be transferred out of the app. Those with the TNP desktop software can edit projects, refine them, and share them with others.

2. There is a single Project in which markers, media "geopin" markers, and tracks are kept. Those with the TNP desktop software can have an unlimited number of projects and synchronize them with corresponding projects on the desktop.

3. This project is temporary - and will be deleted once logged in. Moreover, all markers, media "geopin" markers, and tracks are stored locally on the device, and can not be uploaded to the cloud.

4. Offline map storage (or caching) is not available. In other words, the maps and photos displayed in the TNP Mobile App are downloaded as needed from our servers. Those with the TNP desktop software can pre-download (or "cache") the maps and photos so to allow usage in areas where cell/network coverage is unavailable.

The Terrain Navigator Pro desktop software looks like a fantastic product for my needs. How do I get more information?

Please see our web site:

Can I try the full Terrain Navigator Pro package before purchase?

Absolutely! Sign up for our 7-day trial at: Don't worry, we will not charge your credit card until you decide to purchase the subscription, and you'll have full access to TNP for seven days!

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