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Calculating area

Using the TNP mobile app, one can calculate area very easily by collecting a track. To determine the approximate area of a track do the following:
  1. Go to a start point and remember where this point is.
  2. Click on the track button on the map screen, this will turn tracking on. If no project is active it will also create a project.
  3. Walk or drive the perimeter of the area you want to calculate
  4. Stop about 5 to 10 feet from the starting point and click the track button, this will turn the track off. We ask that you stop before the start point just to ensure no part of the track crosses over, we will close the loop on the track for you.
  5. Press and hold with your finger on any part of the track line and TNP will show the perimeter and the area.

Sample track collected as per the instructions above

Right click and the area/perimeter is displayed in units based upon TNP settings.

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