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Street Layer. Can I turn it off? What about updates/inaccuracies? (And other common questions)

How to make the most of the street layer shown in Terrain Navigator Pro 9.


Starting with version 9 of Terrain Navigator Pro, a street layer is available for overlaying on the topographic maps and aerial photos. This allows you to see streets that may have been added or changed since the base map was created (or the aerial photo was taken.) This also allows you to see the street names on the aerial photos.

Version 11 added Street Map (and Outdoor Map) types, which are generated by a different method, and can be merged with topographic maps and aerial photos to create a blended map display.

How was this layer collected and how current is it?
This street layer is compiled from two popular sources for current road maps and address searching. It is updated roughly four times a year. Errors should be reported to

How do I turn off the street layer within Terrain Navigator Pro?
As with any layer, you will find the ability to show and hide it by opening the View menu and choosing Layer Size/Visibility. In the list of available layers, turn off Streets. Note that streets, labels (street names) and trails can be hidden independently using SubLayers. 

Alternatively, you can use the Layer Size/Visibility button on the toolbar; or even use the show/hide all layers button - to quickly toggle between the base map and the map with the various layers (including streets) overlaid.

When I have the street layer turned on, Terrain Navigator Pro operates sluggishly. Is this normal?
Yes. Due to the amount of processing required, you may see some performance degradation when a complex street system is being overlaid the maps. To improve performance, use the Layer Size/Visibility control in the View menu to turn off unneeded layers.

Can I change the color of the streets? How about the sizing?
Yes. See the options found by opening the File menu, Preferences, Streets. There you will find color options (for display on topographic map and aerial image types) and a sizing option. This base thickness is also adjusted using Layer Size/Visibility.

One tip regarding sizing: In the Layer Size/Visibility window, un-check the option to "conform layer size to map scale" this will prevent the roads and text labels from sizing larger as the zoom level/scale is increased.

I need to use TNP offline. How do I download the streets so that they remain available when I do not have an Internet connection?
Open the File menu and choose Manage Street Downloads. There you can download the street and address information for the entire state, or for a specific county.

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