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How to install TNP Mobile Maps (SD card) on my iPhone or iPad

Note: The TNP SD Cards are no longer available for purchase. They have been replaced with TNP Mobile Maps.
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Our TNP Mobile Maps (SD cards) can be installed on an iPhone and iPad, even though they don't have a SD card slot. In short, you'll need to sideload the maps into iTunes on your computer (Mac or PC) and then sync the map files to your device. You manage map files similar to how you manage music or video. Here are step-by-step instructions:

1. Install our mobile app.
• Install our free app on your iPhone (TNP mobile). To install, go to the Apple App Store on your device and search for our free app designed for your device. iPhone users: Download TNP mobile.

2. Install the maps.
This sideload process only takes a few minutes but it requires that you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.  Note: These directions are for iTunes 12.

• Plug the TNP Mobile Maps memory card into your Mac or PC. Note: The microSD card slides into the larger SD card adapter. 
• Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via USB.
• Launch iTunes on your computer.
• Select your device in the Devices list in the top-right of iTunes.
• Click the Apps tab on the top-left of the iTunes screen.
• Scroll down to the File Sharing section.
• From the Apps list, select the app that you want to install maps files on. For example: “TNP”.
• On the right side of iTunes, in the app’s Documents section, click the Add button.
• Browse to the SD card and the TrimbleMapBundles folder.
• Select the activationkey.txt file
• Select the .tdkb file (example: Arizona.tdkb). This is where boundaries for hunt units/GMUs, counties, national parks, and wilderness areas are found.
• Select the map files you want by County. For example, if you want Apache County map files, select all the files named Apache County. Select Open or Add button then files will load into iTunes.
• Click Eject icon on the top-left of iTunes. Disconnect the device from computer.

3. Launch App
• Launch app on iPhone or iPad. Go to Map Packs. See the map files loaded into the app. You can view these offline maps on the main Map screen. Maps will work without a cell or data connection. 

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