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MapPacks: Downloading Maps for Offline Use

Before you head out of the cellular network, create MapPacks to pick the exact maps you want saved on your phone. MapPacks provides the ability for you to see maps in the Terrain Navigator Pro Mobile App, even in remote areas with no data signal.

Important: Download maps to your phone before you leave home or the city. Maps can be very large files so we recommend a fast WiFi connection.

To begin, select MapPacks from the navigation menu. Create a new MapPack by selecting "Custom Maps +" (or "Save MapPack +") in the lower right-hand corner.

The box outlines the map area that will be saved to your phone. Scroll around the map onto your desired location. Zoom in and out of the map. You can also customize the area covered by the MapPack by moving the squares to your desired size. Set the specific types of maps to be stored by selecting Map Types. Note: the more map types selected, the greater memory required.

Adjust the zoom level for your map area. As the zoom level is increased, more detailed map data will be included in the MapPack. As such, the greater the zoom/detail, the more memory storage the MapPack will require.  

Name your MapPack, then select Done.

From the MapPacks screen, you can download map tile packages, view them, update the map tiles, purge the saved map tiles or delete the map package entirely from your phone.

MapPacks that are predefined for your purchase area are also available for direct download. Finally, in the All Projects page, you will find an option to "Make MapPack From Project" when the project is selected.This will pre-select the area required to cover that MapPack.

Are MapPacks created with the TNP PC desktop software transferrable to the TNP Mobile App?
No. The storage formats used by the iOS, Android, and PC/desktop versions of Terrain Navigator Pro differ significantly, making sharing of MapPacks impossible.

I created a MapPack and it does not appear to be used when I am offline (or in Airplane Mode). What's wrong?
Double-check that the storage option for Terrain Navigator Pro is not set to "Cloud" (an option available on certain devices. Placing TNP's storage (and MapPacks) in the Cloud defeats the purpose of downloading them to the device's internal memory for Offline use.

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