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Repairing a Corrupt Map Engine (black maps, not responding, etc.)


TNP uses a map "engine" to display a wide variety of maps from various sources. For example it is this engine that allows the merging of two different map types, regardless of their source, projection, and other characteristics. In short, this engine must process (and constantly update) gigabytes of raster map data on an ongoing basis.

While this engine takes some time to "learn" your areas of interest, it may appear sluggish or "not responding". This is normal, and terminating the application while it is processing maps can result in a corrupt engine. This can also be exasperated by using a poor (intermittent) Internet connection or faulty/outdated video display drivers.

Downloading the Latest Software

As with any software product, especially after a major reworking, there are a series of patches and improvements made on a regular basis. As part of our commitment to our customers who maintain an active subscription, TNP is updated roughly every three months. For instructions on downloading the latest version of TNP, please see:  
With each update, we attempt to improve the reliability and performance of Terrain Navigator Pro. We also continue to make incremental improvements based on the feedback we receive from our customers.

Setting the Cache Size

Maximizing the Map/Aerial Photo Cache size will greatly improve TNP's speed and reliability. If you have sufficient hard disk space, open the File menu and choose Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache. Set the Map/Aerial Photo Cache size to as high as possible (64 GB) as your disk space allows.

Optimum Display Scales

TNP allows you to type in any scale you wish into the toolbar. While this is great for many applications, certain map scales will adversely affect TNP's overall performance. For best results, use map scales of: 1:2,257, 1:4,514, 1:9,028, 1:18,056, and 1:36,112.

Avoid the "Aero" Windows Theme

We have had reports that Terrain Navigator Pro is not compatible with the Windows "Aero" theme - resulting in black maps. Please use a traditional Windows theme for best compatibility with TNP.

How do I know if the "engine" is corrupt?

If the maps are not displaying properly, or appear gray or scrambled, then it is likely that the temporary map cache needs to be cleaned up. However, if the maps appear black or Terrain Navigator Pro is constantly shutting down unexpectedly, then the map engine is likely fully corrupt (see below.)

What about "Not Responding"?

"Not Responding" is typically a Windows notification that a specific application is unable to respond to mouse clicks - in other words, it is busy. In the case of Terrain Navigator Pro, it likely means that the map engine is processing new map information or recovering from a damaged state. Please be patient when this occurs, and give Terrain Navigator Pro several minutes to complete its tasks. If this extends more than 15 minutes, then something may have gone awry and the program should be terminated. Then repair the fully corrupt map engine (as described below.)

How do I easily fix this?

In most cases, clearing the map cache will repair any map tiles damaged by the download process. Open the File menu and choose Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache. Press Clear Temporary Cache, press Yes, then wait for TNP to process your request.

In some (rarer) situations, you may need to press Rebuild Map/Aerial Photo Lists, which resets more of TNP's internal mapping engine. Once it has completed, exit Terrain Navigator Pro, wait 2-3 mins for the catalog to save, then restart TNP.

In some cases, the map engine may be fully corrupt, and require resetting outside of TNP. (See below.)

Clearing the temporary cache and rebuilding the map list did not improve my map display. How do I correct a fully corrupt Map Engine?

Please exit Terrain Navigator Pro and use Windows File Explorer to open:
C:\Users\<your windows username>\AppData\Local\Maptech\Terrain Navigator Pro\Engine\

Then delete these folders:

Note that AppData is a hidden, system folder. It may not be shown unless "Hidden Items" is checked in the Windows File Explorer View tab.

Restart TNP and be patient as it rebuilds. Once it has completed, exit Terrain Navigator Pro, wait 2-3 mins for the catalog to save, then restart TNP. The map engine will be fully rebuilt and Terrain Navigator Pro should perform well (as it learns your areas of interest, map preferences, etc.)

I when I restart Terrain Navigator Pro, I get a message "Only one copy of 'Terrain Navigator Pro' can run at a time". What's that?

That message indicates that your prior session of Terrain Navigator Pro is still processing and saving its map engine. When you close TNP, it returns you to the Windows desktop as soon as it can, but it will continue to run "in the background" for up to five minutes while the map engine finishes its tasks. Please give it a chance to complete this process before restarting TNP (or shutting down your PC.)

My map engine seems to corrupt easily and TNP terminates unexpectedly. How do I fix it permanently?

The likely root cause is outdated or faulty video display drivers. To learn how to properly apply these important updates to your PC, please see:

I have more questions/concerns about the current version of TNP. I'm even considering downgrading back to version 10.

Before downgrading, please have a look at this article:
It contains many additional tips and tricks on how to make the most of TNP. It also includes instructions (and ramifications) to downgrade to TNP 10.42.

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