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Update: NGS Benchmark Data Sheets

Updated Data Sheets Available

Benchmark data sheets (and their locations) are constantly being revised by the NGS. Those who rely on these data sheets should update them on a regular basisAs part of the annual TNP subscription, the NGS data sheets are processed and posted on a regular basis.

How To Download and Install

Please click this link to log into your TNP account. (Do not create a new account, see below.) Once logged in, click the 'Downloads' button. As long as your TNP subscription is current, you will have a link in your account to download the updated NGS Data Sheets for each State.

When you installed Terrain Navigator Pro, an account was created in your name with the registration information that you entered. Often times, the email address is the user name on the account. To check your Username and password, open the File menu in Terrain Navigator Pro and choose Preferences, Subscription and User Account.

Press the Downloads button, open the State-Specific Downloadable Updates section, then click the NGS Updates download link in your account for each State (or region such as New England: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT or Mid-Atlantic: DC, DE, MD, NJ) in your library. In most instances, your web browser will ask if the file should be Run or Saved. Choose Run (if Save is the only option, choose Save, then double-click it in your list of Downloads to run it.) Once the download completes, it will be applied to your Terrain Navigator Pro installation.

If you receive a warning that this application is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer, press Actions, then Run anyway.

When are the NGS Data Sheets Updated?
The data sheets are updated several times each year. Updates can be posted based upon customer request, or as time and resources permit.

NGS Data Sheet Updates

11/23/2022 - NGS sheets updated to 11/2022

Please click this link to log into your TNP account and download the NGS Data Sheet Updates

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