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User Guide: Search & Rescue and Emergency Management Reference Guide & Training Manual

This User Guide for Terrain Navigator Pro was developed in conjunction with several SAR groups and individuals to provide a single "hands-on" document that illustrates how to best incorporate TNP into this environment.

The User Guide can be used for self-training, or in conjunction with a larger class.

Note: This manual predates versions 11 & 12 of TNP, and does not cover their many changes and enhancements.

Video Tutorials Available

A brief video tutorial using TNP in Search and Rescue can be found on our YouTube channel.

A more extensive tutorial on getting started with TNP - focused on SAR - was produced by Bill with the Search Dog Network:

An extensive video has been published by Don Ferguson, an expert in SAR and GIS integration, in using TNP with ESRI Shapefiles (IGT4SAR-ArcGIS.) You can find it at:

Adobe Acrobat Required

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it at

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Released 02/27/2013
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