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Welcome to the redesigned support center for Terrain Navigator Pro. Here you will find easy access to our knowledge base while providing feedback on how we can improve Terrain Navigator Pro. Of course, if you have a question or need further assistance, you can contact us for a prompt reply via email.

Knowledge Base

  1. Downloads (Updates, Fixes, Patches, and Demos) 

    1. Terrain Navigator Pro: Version 11.01 Software Update (for TNP 8.0 or later)
    2. Terrain Navigator Pro: Demo (Version 10.42)
    3. Parcel Ownership Layer is Unavailable
    4. State Map Software Updates
    5. NGS Benchmark Data Sheet Updates
  2. General Questions (FAQs) and How-To Answers 

    1. Coordinates: Definitions and Overview
    2. What are Layers? What's the difference between markers, routes, tracks, etc.?
    3. Organizing Layers with Projects
    4. Managing Projects, Splitting the Default Project, Project Synchronization to TNP Mobile/Web, and Other Tips
    5. How do I obtain an area measurement?
  3. Installation, Registration & Software Configuration 

    1. Registration Warning: Not Properly Registered
    2. Installing Terrain Navigator Pro on Windows 7, 8 or 10
    3. Installing Terrain Navigator (Std. Edition) on Windows 7, 8 & 10
    4. How to Install TNP Once the Subscription Has Lapsed
    5. Network Mode: What Permissions must be set to run properly?
  4. Maps, Aerial Photos, 3-D View, and related navigational data 

    1. What Happened to the "Open Map Window" and Other TNP 11 Questions
    2. Aerial OrthoPhotos and Satellite Imagery – What's Available and When are they Updated?
    3. Receiving Errors (Map, JPG) when Viewing or Printing Aerial Photos
    4. TNP's Internet status is RED (or can't access Aerial Photos)
    5. Do you offer current USGS topographic maps?
  5. Printing and Publishing Maps and Photos 

    1. The printing features are overwhelming and seem very complex - what can I do?
    2. Landscape Map Exporting and Image Tricks (via the Print Window)
    3. What does Size (Percent vs. Scale) mean when Printing?
    4. Using (and Hiding) Grids while Printing
    5. Aerial Photos print and export with grid-like pattern on them
  6. TNP Mobile App (iPhone, Android) including TNP Mobile Maps 

    1. How to Get Started with the TNP Mobile App and TNP PC Desktop
    2. Frequently Asked Questions
    3. Login Error: "Exceeded Device Limit"
    4. How to Improve Battery Life While Using the TNP Mobile App
    5. Active Project Screen
  7. Web Planner and Online Mapping 

    1. Getting Started with the TNP Web Project Editor
    2. How do I get Projects from TNP PC Desktop to appear on Web Planner?
    3. Why are only certain Map Types available when printing?
    4. Why are the Map Types available on the TNP Web Planner different than those in TNP PC Desktop?
  8. GPS: Connectivity, Configuration, and Troubleshooting 

    1. GPSs Compatible with Terrain Navigator Pro
    2. Sending Maps (and Photos) to Garmin GPS Units
    3. Using a GPS that is not on the GPS Compatibility List or Available in TNP's GPS Setup
    4. Configuring Terrain Navigator Pro to the GPS - Basic Instructions
    5. I don't know what COM Port my GPS is connected to. What should I do?
  9. Manuals, User Guides, and Instructional Videos 

    1. User Manual: Terrain Navigator Pro 11.01
    2. User Guide: Search & Rescue and Emergency Management Reference Guide & Training Manual
    3. Instructional Videos and Online Blogs
    4. License Agreement: Effective November 1, 2016
  10. Import and Export (Maps, Photos, Markers, DEM, etc.) 

    1. Marker (MXF) File Import/Export Format
    2. FormatMXF - a Marker Import Utility
    3. MXF Conversion Tools: ASCII, DAT, POS, ATT, GDB
    4. Route (RXF) File Import/Export Format
    5. Symbol Key for .MXF/.RXF Files
  11. TNP SD Cards (Off-the-Grid Maps) [discontinued] 

    1. How to install TNP Mobile Maps (SD card) on my Android device
    2. How to install TNP Mobile Maps (SD card) on my iPhone or iPad
    3. Do I need a cell or data connection to view the TNP Mobile Maps (SD card)?
    4. Can I record tracks and mark waypoints while using the SD cards?
    5. How much of my device’s internal memory will be used?
  12. All articles 

    1. Terrain Navigator Pro: Version 11.01 Software Update (for TNP 8.0 or later)
    2. GPSs Compatible with Terrain Navigator Pro
    3. Marker (MXF) File Import/Export Format
    4. The printing features are overwhelming and seem very complex - what can I do?
    5. User Manual: Terrain Navigator Pro 11.01
    129 articles 

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