Fix: Installing Terrain Navigator Pro (discontinued versions) on Windows 7, 8 or 10

What you need to know about compatibility with Microsoft's latest operating systems.


This technical document refers to Terrain Navigator Pro. Those with the standard edition of Terrain Navigator (including its predecessors, TopoScout and G-REF) should refer to this technical document:

What is Windows 7 and Why is it Different?

Windows 7 (and its cousins, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10) are Microsoft's newer Operating Systems. The Operating System is essentially a very large and complicated computer program which controls other computer applications. Each software application on your PC (regardless of who created it) must work properly with the Operating System in order to run flawlessly.

Unlike previous versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, Windows 7 places a series of restrictions on application folders. Simply put, each application now must adhere to these new rules to be called "Compatible."

Moreover, most versions of Windows 7 are "64-Bit" (and are often referred to as 'x64'.) Without getting into all the technical details, this basically means that the operating system is optimized for the latest generation of computers, allowing access to larger amounts of memory and providing speedier computer processing.

Older applications that use 16-Bit setup routines can not be installed onto a 64-bit version of Windows. In most instances, attempting to install older versions of Terrain Navigator Pro on Windows 7/8/10 will give the following error:
The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

Discontinued Maptech products released prior to 2009 are not compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and will usually not install. You will find the version number of Terrain Navigator Pro printed on the disc labeled "Installer"; all versions prior to 8.0 (such as version 7.03, 6.04, etc.) were released prior to 2009 and are not compatible with Windows 7/8/10. Fortunately, we currently sell and service TNP version 11, which is fully compatible with these operating systems. Those with version 8.0 or later, may download patches, etc. to enable installation - although older software versions are not officially supported, and may terminate unexpectedly when used.

Determining the Version of Terrain Navigator Pro (Installer DVD)

In order to understand what steps are required to install Terrain Navigator Pro under Windows 7 (or 8, 10, Vista) please determine the version of the Installer disc you have in your collection. This version is printed on the "Installer" disc that accompanied your copy of Terrain Navigator Pro. It is not the same as the Edition number that is printed on the Professional USGS Topographic Series map CDs. Some popular versions include 8.0, 7.5, 7.03, 6.04, etc. Basically, higher numbers indicate a more recent version (or edition) of the application.

For many years, Maptech offered an "Upgrade" DVD which was shipped in a white DVD case. This case contains an Installer DVD of version 8.0 or later. This disc is (usually) your most recent Installer DVD. Note that there were no downloads produced to upgrade from version 7 of Terrain Navigator Pro to version 8. Thus, if you are running version 8 or later on your PC, you should locate your Upgrade DVD if the version 8 Installer disc is missing from your collection.

I have an Installer DVD for version 8.6, 8.7, or 8.71 (or later) of Terrain Navigator Pro. How do I install it on Windows 7/8/10?

Version 8.6 (or later) will install properly on Windows 7, no upgrades or downloads are required. Be aware that older software versions are not officially supported, and may terminate unexpectedly.

However, if your subscription for aerial photos and software upgrades is current, we highly recommend downloading and installing the version 11 software. Besides having all the latest features and fixes, version 11 is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. For details, including download instructions, please see:

I have an Installer DVD for version 8.0, 8.5, or 8.51 of Terrain Navigator Pro. How do I install it on Windows 7/8/10?

If your subscription for aerial photos and software upgrades is current, we highly recommend downloading and installing the version 11 software. Besides having all the latest features and fixes, version 11 is fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10. This upgrade can be downloaded directly onto a PC that Terrain Navigator Pro is not currently installed on. For details, including download instructions, please see:

If you have let your TNP 10/11 subscription lapse, it can be renewed. To purchase a renewal, please call us at 800-627-7236 x204 or log in at If you never upgraded to TNP 9, 10 or 11- please consider purchasing an annual subscription (which will allow access to version 11, many new map types, and a myriad of new features) by clicking the Purchase button at the top of

Should you not wish to renew your subscription, you are welcome to continue to use this older, discontinued version of Terrain Navigator Pro. However, when the state disc is to be added to the library, Windows will incorrectly report that Terrain Navigator Pro does not appear to be installed. To correct this, download and run this patch:

Please note that we can not offer additional technical support for older, discontinued versions of Terrain Navigator Pro and these may terminate unexpectedly.

IMPORTANT: Older versions will attempt to register and connect to servers that have been decommissioned. When you receive error messages or warnings, press OK and/or Next to proceed through each of them.

I have an Installer CD for version 5, 6, or 7 of Terrain Navigator Pro. How do I upgrade to version 11 to use Terrain Navigator Pro on Windows 7/8/10?

A subscription to version 11 can be purchased for $240.00 (per state/region, per year.) Simply click the Purchase button on

In addition to being Windows 7/8/10 compatible, Terrain Navigator Pro 11 includes a myriad of new map types, features, and benefits.TNP 11 is fully downloadable from our web site, so you can be up and running in just a few minutes. 

Common Questions:

Q: Can I transfer my markers, routes, tracks, etc. from my old PC to a new one? If so, how do I accomplish that?
A: Most versions of Terrain Navigator Pro feature an Export Active Project command under the File menu. Use this to make a Terrain Project Archive of your current Project. Then, open the Layers menu and choose Change Project. Switch between each Project (if any) and export each Active Project into a Terrain Project Archive.

Once Terrain Navigator Pro is installed on the new PC, open the File menu and choose Import, Terrain Project Archive. Then Import each Project into your new installation of Terrain Navigator Pro.


If your copy of Terrain Navigator Pro is very old, it may lack the ability to export Projects. If this is the case, use the Backup and Restore Utility found at:

Q: I no longer have access to the original installation. Instead, I have copies of the raw .TRK, .MRK, and .RTE files. Is there any way you can recover the lost data? 
A: Please zip whatever raw data files you have and email them to We will do our best to recover the lost data. There is no fee for this service to customers who have upgraded to Terrain Navigator Pro and maintain an active subscription for aerial photo access, application upgrades, and software maintenance.

Q: Why isn't there a simple patch available to install older, discontinued discs on new operating systems?
A: Terrain Navigator Pro is a complex product and has had many different versions over the last 20 years. To make a patch that is compatible with all the possible map discs is simply too large of an undertaking. Instead, we are making the current version of Terrain Navigator Pro available to all of our legacy customers, so that they can enjoy the latest software, features, and maps, in a way that is optimized for their new computer.

Q: I've upgraded to Terrain Navigator Pro 11, but I am now getting odd problems and hang ups in Windows 7. What's wrong?
A: Most likely, the video display driver that you are using was not optimized for Windows 7. Fortunately, video card manufactures are constantly revising their drivers, adding new features and correcting these issues as they are identified. Most vendors provide updated drivers free of charge on their web site.

Therefore, simply visit the web site of your computer manufacturer (or video display adaptor, if you know it) to download and install the latest video display drivers for your PC and your version of Windows. Note that these updates are not typically included with new PCs, nor are they included as part of the "Automatic Windows Updates" that Microsoft may download to your PC from time to time.

For detailed instructions on how to update your video display drivers, please see:

Q: I have Windows XP. Can Terrain Navigator Pro be used on this older, discontinued Operating System?
A: While Terrain Navigator Pro installs and operates properly on Windows 7 (or later), it was not designed to be installed under Windows XP. We have no plans to add Windows XP compatibility in Terrain Navigator Pro 11.

Q: Is Terrain Navigator Pro a 32-bit or 64-bit application?
A: At this time, Terrain Navigator Pro remains a 32-bit application that can be run in a 64-bit Operating System environment. A native 64-bit edition of Terrain Navigator remains one of our development goals

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