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How do I make TNP open my map every time it starts?

Setting a starting location for your project.


Unless otherwise configured, Terrain Navigator Pro opens to a zoomed-out map of your active state. If you only have one US state licensed, then TNP will always open to that state; if you have more than one state, then TNP will open to the last state that was in view. TNP also recalls which map type (USGS topographic, satellite image, etc.) you were viewing, and sets that as well. This makes it convenient to use the Find menu to locate a location or object of interest, and change the map view accordingly.

However, this feature can be overridden by setting a starting location for your Project(s.) Each time that project is activated (including when TNP starts) it will automatically open the location, map type, and scale that has be specified.

Using Projects

If you are not already using Projects to segregate your layers of markers, tracks, etc. into separate collections, you are missing out on an important and useful feature in Terrain Navigator Pro. Rather than go into all the details and benefits here, please see these articles for basic and advanced topics on project management:

Setting Bookmarks

The most efficient way to set a starting location for your project is to define a bookmark. Similar to bookmarks set in an Internet web browser, a bookmark in Terrain Navigator Pro defines a location, map type, and view scale that can be easily accessed in the future by name.

To create a Bookmark:
  1. Use the Find menu and/or the various navigation controls to set the map type, edition, scale, and location to the map view that you desire to retrieve in the future (and/or set as a starting location for a project.)
  2. Open the View menu and choose Bookmark this View.
  3. Give the bookmark a Name that you can use to recall this location in the future and press OK.

To open a map at a Bookmarked location:
  1. Open the Find menu, choose Bookmark.
  2. Select the Bookmark you wish to locate and press Replace Active (or Open Another to open a second map window.)
  3. The map will now display.

Using a Bookmark to Set the Starting Location

With a bookmark now defined, you can set that bookmark's location to open automatically each time a project is activated (including when Terrain Navigator Pro first starts.)
  1. Open the Layers menu and choose Manage Projects.
  2. If the project you wish to set the starting location is not active already, select it from the list of Available Projects and press Activate.
  3. To the right of the list of available projects, open the Starting Location drop-down list.
  4. Select the Bookmark from the list of choices of starting locations.
  5. Press Close.
The next time Terrain Navigator Pro activates that project (either via the Manage Projects window or when it starts) the map display will automatically open to that bookmarked location. (Don't forget to repeat this process for each of your Projects.)

Other Starting Locations

There are three other possibilities for setting a starting location.
  • <<None>> is how Terrain Navigator Pro behaves when there is no starting location. The map view does not change when the Project is activated, and the zoomed-out US state will appear when Terrain Navigator Pro first starts.
  • <<Last Location>> indicates that you wish Terrain Navigator Pro to always open the map where you last "left off" in that project. For those who only use the <<Default>> project, or have a large project area, this option may be the most useful.
  • Choosing <<Current Location>> will use the current map view as the project's starting location. In other words, if there is not already a Bookmark at that location, but the map is presently set to the spot/view/scale you want to be brought to whenever the project is activated, choose <<Current Location>> to save the step of creating a Bookmark.

Saved Location

Once a starting location has been specified, it will be indicated as a <<Saved Location>>. This is your reminder that the bookmark (or <<Current Location>>) that was specified previously has been saved. It is that location that will open automatically whenever that project is activated (including when Terrain Navigator Pro first starts.)

I don't need the complexity of projects. Is there a simple way I can just make TNP start where I was last?
Yes. Here's how:
  1. Open the Layers menu and choose Manage Projects.
  2. Set the Starting Location to <<Last Location>>.
  3. Press Close.

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