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Transferring Print Templates Between 2 Computers

While there is no built in "import/export" of print templates within Terrain Navigator Pro, you can freely share the .TPL files themselves. Each .TPL file contains the print template of that name, and can be found in:
C:\ProgramData\Maptech\Terrain Navigator Pro\Templates

Note: ProgramData (which is not the same as Program Files) is a hidden, system folder. Use the View menu/tab in Windows File Explorer to show hidden items.

Then, copy the desired .TPL files from one PC to the other, placing the .TPL files in the same  C:\ProgramData\Maptech\Terrain Navigator Pro\Templates folder. Start Terrain Navigator Pro, and any templates copied will be available.

Note that these directions assume that Terrain Navigator Pro is installed on the "C:\" drive. Substitute whichever drive letter TNP is installed on, if necessary.

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