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Apple Mac OS and Terrain Navigator Pro

The desktop version of Terrain Navigator Pro is a Windows PC-based software product.  However, many Mac users have reported successful use of the TNP PC software with Windows emulation modes such as Boot Camp, Parallels, and Fusion. While we cannot officially support installations in that environment, it is our understanding that Terrain Navigator Pro works flawlessly with these compatibility modes and emulators.

Note that TNP is a cross-platform environment, which includes mobile applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. TNP also provides limited functionality for viewing and printing map projects via its web planner - simply log into from any web browser.

Special Note for using TNP (DVD version) under Parallels:

We have had several customers report that using TNP with Parallels is a very good solution. However, by default, Parallels installs access to DVD drives as "Network drives" rather than "CD/DVD drives" within the Windows Operating system. This issue is documented (with a fix shown) at:

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