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Instructional Videos and Online Blogs

We maintain a YouTube channel which contains tips and tricks on how to make the most of Terrain Navigator Pro. These videos are broken into series:

Quick Overview Series
The Quick Overview Series videos explain how to use key features of the TNP Web, TNP Desktop and TNP Mobile platforms. They are designed for novice and expert and teach some of the more salient features of each of these TNP platforms.

Software Training Series
The Software Training Series videos take you through the various features and functions of Terrain Navigator Pro. These provide examples and real-world scenarios on how to use TNP.

What's New in TNP?
These videos will be updated with highlights of each TNP release. See what features you are missing if you are not running the current version.

The Terrain Navigator Pro YouTube Channel can be found at:

Other Videos Available

There are other (older) videos available that are not (currently) incorporated into the software training series. These videos are available through our MyTopo division, and include:
Using TNP in Search and Rescue
Using TNP for Land Managers and Land Brokers 
Transferring Maps from TNP to Garmin GPSs
Using a GPS with TNP
Printing with TNP

An extensive video has been published by Don Ferguson, an expert in SAR and GIS integration, in using TNP with ESRI Shapefiles (IGT4SAR-ArcGIS.) You can find it at:

Want a great tutorial on getting started with TNP - focused on SAR? Check out this great video by Bill with the Search Dog Network:

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