How to Disable Registration and Subscription Renewal Notices

Suppresses the following warnings when Terrain Navigator Pro starts:
In order to view the map/aerial photos in this state, you must first register. Press 'OK' for registration instructions.
The MapServer is unable to locate your record among the list of registered Terrain Navigator Pro customers. Please contact MyTopo at (800) 627-7236 for assistance.
A newer version of Terrain Navigator Pro is now available for download and installation. However, your subscription has expired. Would you like to renew your subscription to enable installation of this update?

What are the benefits of maintaining the annual subscription?

Your pre-version 11 Terrain Navigator Pro purchased prior to 12/1/2016 entitled you to one year of access to online maps and photos for the region(s) you own, as well as various other benefits. After that first year, you may extend your subscription if you wish; call 800-627-7236 for details. Should you choose to let your subscription lapse, only basic USGS Topographic maps will remain available, connectivity to the Terrain Navigator Pro Mobile App will be lost, no further software or map updates will be obtained, and telephone support will be limited.

For a complete list of benefits, please see:  

Note that new purchasers of TNP after 12/1/2016 are subject to new "software as a service" pricing and agreements. Those who purchase the current version of TNP must maintain their subscription in order to access all features of Terrain Navigator Pro.

I have version 10 and have discontinued my annual subscription. How do I disable the warning and renewal messages that appear?

Since most subscription benefits require an Internet connection, disabling Terrain Navigator Pro's access to the Internet will suppress all warnings about registration and subscription. To disable Terrain Navigator Pro's access to the Internet, open the File menu of Terrain Navigator Pro and choose Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache. Uncheck the option to 'Allow Terrain Navigator to connect to the Internet' and press Close.

Note that you will no longer be automatically notified of software updates and upgrades - as they are included in the annual subscription.

Can I renew my subscription later?

Absolutely. First re-enable the preference to allow Terrain Navigator to connect to the Internet. Then either follow the on-screen prompts for renewal (also found by opening the Help menu and choosing Register) or by calling us at 800-627-7236.

Why is my copy of TNP no longer registered?

In May 2015, we retired the servers that powered the registration system used by older, discontinued versions of Terrain Navigator Pro. While customers with earlier versions of TNP are welcome to continue to use those versions, it is necessary to disable the option to 'Allow Terrain Navigator to connect to the Internet'  in order to suppress the warnings that occur now that the old registration system has been retired.

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