How to Disable Registration and Subscription Renewal Notices

Suppresses the following warnings when Terrain Navigator Pro starts:
In order to view the map/aerial photos in this state, you must first register. Press 'OK' for registration instructions.
The MapServer is unable to locate your record among the list of registered Terrain Navigator Pro customers. Please contact MyTopo at (800) 627-7236 for assistance.
A newer version of Terrain Navigator Pro is now available for download and installation. However, your subscription has expired. Would you like to renew your subscription to enable installation of this update?

Benefits of Registration and Maintaining the Annual Subscription

Terrain Navigator Pro includes an annual subscription whose benefits include:

Aerial OrthoPhotos:

Because it is not practicable to distribute aerial photos on DVD, aerial photos are downloaded automatically from our servers when needed. With the exception of Alaska and parts of Nevada, the entire U.S. is available in a 1:12,000 color photo that was taken within the last 2-3 years. Other photo scales (as large as 1:3,600) are available in select urban areas but may not be as current.

Alternate Edition Photos and Maps:
Every 1:12,000 aerial photo and 1:24,000 contains one or more alternate edition. For topographic maps these consist of shaded relief maps whereas alternate editions of aerial photo consist of different years, and may include black and white or infra-red imagery. We intend to expand and improve the quality and quantity of these alternate editions each year.

Satellite Imagery. Street Maps, and Outdoor Contour Maps:
Highly detailed maps and images (down to 1:1127 scale) are available as part of Terrain Navigator Pro version 11. These are constantly being updated.    

Map and Photo Updates:
We check with the various mapping agencies to ensure that the most current maps and photos available are included in Terrain Navigator Pro. As long as your subscription is active you are entitled to these updates as they become available. To check for updates, open the File menu and choose Map and Aerial Photo Updates via Web.

MapPacks can be created to allow TNP to run without an Internet connection. However, use of these MapPacks is suspended when the subscription has expired.

Custom Maps:
Starting with version 11 of Terrain Navigator Pro, maps in GeoTIFF format can be used and displayed. However, this functionality becomes disabled once the subscription has expired.

Mobile App Synchronization:
Connectivity between the Terrain Navigator Pro Mobile App and the desktop software is accomplished through cloud synchronization over the Internet. Your subscription keeps this connection in tact.

Team Tracking:
Those with the Enterprise Edition licensing (and an active subscription) can track
the positions of each User within the organization using Team Tracking.

Software Upgrades:
From time to time, we will release upgrades to the Terrain Navigator Pro software. So long as the subscription remains current, you will receive these upgrades at no charge. For an idea as to what past upgrades have included, check the help topic on What's New in the Terrain Navigator Pro electronic help.

Web Planner:
With your login to you have access to mobile-synchronized projects from any web browser; view, edit and print your projects from anywhere in the world.

Additional Tiers:
The annual subscription allows you to expand the capabilities of Terrain Navigator Pro through the purchase of additional tiers. Once purchased, these tiers (such as the Parcel/Land Ownership layer) remain available for the duration of the subscription and can be renewed when the subscription expires.

Other Updates:
Sometimes available by logging into your Registration Account at, other updates may include newer NGS Benchmark Data Sheets, street layers, and Web Links. Additional state-specific updates may also be available.

Telephone Support:
We are generally available Monday-Friday, 9am to 6pm, Mountain Time at 800-627-7236 to assist you in making the most of Terrain Navigator Pro. Those without an active subscription may still receive assistance through email ( or via the online discussion forum at

Your pre-version 11 Terrain Navigator Pro purchase entitled you to one year of access to online maps and photos for the region(s) you own, as well as all of these benefits. After the first year, you may extend your subscription if you wish; call 800-627-7236 for details. Should you choose to let your subscription lapse, only basic USGS Topographic maps will remain available, connectivity to the Terrain Navigator Pro Mobile App will be lost, no further software or map updates will be obtained, and telephone support will be limited.

Note that new purchasers of version 11 are subject to new "software as a service" pricing and agreements. Those who purchase TNP 11 must maintain their subscription in order to access all features of Terrain Navigator Pro.

I have version 10 and have discontinued my annual subscription. How do I disable the warning and renewal messages that appear?

Since most subscription benefits require an Internet connection, disabling Terrain Navigator Pro's access to the Internet will suppress all warnings about registration and subscription. To disable Terrain Navigator Pro's access to the Internet, open the File menu of Terrain Navigator Pro and choose Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache. Uncheck the option to 'Allow Terrain Navigator to connect to the Internet' and press Close.

Note that you will no longer be automatically notified of software updates and upgrades - as they are included in the annual subscription.

Can I renew my subscription later?

Absolutely. First re-enable the preference to allow Terrain Navigator to connect to the Internet. Then either follow the on-screen prompts for renewal (also found by opening the Help menu and choosing Register) or by calling us at 800-627-7236.

Why is my copy of TNP no longer registered?

In May 2015, we retired the servers that powered the registration system used by older, discontinued versions of Terrain Navigator Pro. This registration system was unreliable, unmaintainable, and unmanageable - so it was replaced in June 2014 upon the release of TNP 10.0. While customers with earlier versions of TNP are welcome to continue to use those versions, it is necessary to disable the option to 'Allow Terrain Navigator to connect to the Internet'  in order to suppress the warnings that occur now that the old registration system has been retired.

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