Why can't I view Private Land Ownership?

First off, be sure that you have either an active Parcel Data Tier or Mobile Maps subscription for that state or region. Log into terrainnavigator.com using your TNP username and password, then check the licenses. If you have a Parcel Data Tier or Mobile Maps BaseSubscription for the state, then you should be able to access the parcel data on the phone as a MapPack. For details, see:

Also, check the subscription status (click Subscriptions when logged in at TerrainNavigator.com.) An active subscription (Parcel Data Tier or Mobile Maps) is required in order to display the parcel data.

Zoom level 9-11 may not display for the area you are viewing - please zoom to levels 11-15 to view private land ownership.

 For a complete list of currently available areas (and break-downs by county) please see: http://terrainnavigator.com/ParcelData#coverage (and click Coverage.)

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