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Do you offer current USGS topographic maps?

The USGS stopped making traditional "hand drawn" 1:24,000 quad sheets around the year 2000. We have nearly all of those maps in Terrain Navigator Pro either as primary or alternate (shaded relief) editions.

Shortly after completing the the "hand drawn" map series, the USGS started the "US Topo" project to replace the traditional quads. Typically, these US Topos contain:
- USDA NAIP Aerial Photos, scaled to 1:24,000.
- Overlayed with grids, etc.
- Overlayed with TomTom streets.
- Overlayed with GNIS placenames.
- Overlayed with contour lines.

Some of the US Topos also include basic land usage, water features, etc. In short, they are not nearly as detailed as the traditional USGS map.

In TNP we offer the best of both. We still present the last available edition of the traditional hand-drawn USGS map. Although it may be dated, it has the most detailed information available. Overlaid on that map is a current street layer - making the map current (the street layer in TNP is automatically updated quarterly.)

In addition, TNP's NAIP aerial photos are scaled to 1:12,000, making them more detailed than a US Topo. Since we are able to present the photos digitally upon release from the USDA, the photos in TNP are typically newer than those offered by the USGS. Moreover, just like a US Topo, photos can be overlayed with streets, grids, and GNIS placenames. However, the streets will be more current and the grids fully customizable in TNP.

Finally, TNP now offers high resolution satellite images (scaled to 1:1,129), street maps, and two editions of Outdoor Contour maps. These maps contain great detail, and are updated monthly with the latest streets, landmarks, and imagery. Thus, a subscription to Terrain Navigator Pro always provides current map data.

Thus, TNP generally provides a map superior to the USGS US Topo. However, we do acknowledge that there may be value in offering the official USGS editions of these maps. If this is an important feature that you would find useful, please be sure to vote for it in our feedback forum:

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