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Utility: Backup & Restore of Project Layers (Also for transferring from old versions of TNP to another.)

An alternative to the Import/Export of Projects (found in the File menu of Terrain Navigator) for archiving markers, routes, tracks, etc. as an entire collection.

Note: for current versions of TNP, the process of transferring Project layers (markers, tracks, etc.) is best handled by the procedure outlined in this article.

Backup & Restore Utility

This utility is designed for the creation and restoration of the data files (projects consisting of Routes, Tracks, Markers, etc.) used by Terrain Navigator and Terrain Navigator Pro. With this utility, you can back up and restore all of your saved work into a single archive. This archive can be restored at a later time, or onto another computer.


By default, the self-extracting application will install this utility into:
C:\Program Files (x86)\MyTopo Backup-Restore\
For your convenience, you may wish to create a shortcut to the application file: Tnbkup.exe. (Please refer to your Windows documentation for information on how to create shortcuts, etc.)

Using the Utility

Regardless of the edition of Terrain Navigator you are using (Pro, Network, standard), this utility will back up and restore the data files. If you have more than one edition of Terrain Navigator installed, the utility will ask which version of the software you wish to back up or restore.

There are three options in this application:
  • Clear all data: Remove all Project data from this machine
  • Back up all data: Take all Project data and archive it into a single file.
  • Restore all data: Clear the current project data, then restore the data from an archive file.

Using the Utility to Transfer Projects to a New PC (or from Std. Edition to Terrain Navigator Pro)

This utility can be used to transfer Projects (collections of markers, routes, tracks, etc.) from one computer to another. It can also be used to transfer the layers from Terrain Navigator Std. Edition to Terrain Navigator Pro.

Simply run the Backup & Restore Utility on the first PC. Then take the resulting archive (and the utility) to the new PC using a thumb drive or similar device. Finally, restore the data onto the new PC. If necessary, you will be prompted to indicate which edition of Terrain Navigator you wish to restore the data into. (If only one edition is found, the utility will install the project data into it, regardless of the source of the original data.)


When you restore your data, you OVERWRITE what is currently there. In other words, there is no way to merge an archived data back up with your current collection of Terrain Navigator projects, so BE CAREFUL!

Do not attempt to run Terrain Navigator while doing a back up or restore. Doing so may cause the data to be corrupted and not usable.

This utility is compatible with ALL Terrain Navigator / Terrain Navigator Pro versions. However, we strongly recommend using the Import/Export of Projects (found in the File menu of Terrain Navigator) for your archiving needs instead of using this utility. Since older versions of Terrain Navigator Std. Edition do not have the Import/Export Projects feature, you may use this Backup & Restore utility to archive your data, transfer it to a new computer, or to transfer it to an upgraded copy of Terrain Navigator Pro.

We cannot offer phone support for this utility. Questions, problems, etc. may be reported by email to We will attempt to answer any questions or comments submitted in a timely fashion.

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Released 04/11/2012
Requires an installation of Terrain Navigator (std. edition), Terrain Navigator Pro, or Terrain Navigator Pro Network Edition.

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