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Transferring Project Layers to a new PC

Note: The procedure outlined here applies to version 9.0 and later of Terrain Navigator Pro. Those with earlier versions should see this knowledge base article:

Starting with version 9.0 of Terrain Navigator Pro, projects consisting of markers, routes, tracks, and other layers are automatically archived in the following folder on your PC:
Documents (or "My Documents") > My Terrain Projects.

This location can be adjusted in Terrain Navigator Pro by opening the File menu and choosing Preferences, AutoSave, Backup and Restore.

To transfer your projects to the new PC:

1. Locate the My Terrain Projects folder in your Documents folder on the old PC. Each project you created will have one or more .TPA (Terrain Project Archive) files - consisting of the name you have given the project (or just [Default].TPA if you were only using the single, default project and did not create additional projects - see below)

2. Copy each .TPA file to a USB thumb drive or similar device to bring the file(s) to the new PC. Note - TPA files are highly compressed so to not require lots of disk space; don't be concerned if they seem "too small" to hold all of your data.

Note: Newer versions of Terrain Navigator Pro include up to seven versions of each project in the backup process. <projectname>.TPA is the most recent copy of the project, and is the one most likely needed to transfer to the new computer. <projectname>.BAK.TPA (and .BAK_2 - .BAK_5, if present) are backups of previous versions of the project while <projectname>.LRG.TPA is the largest version of that project that existed. These extra archives can usually be ignored unless you have made recent edits to that project that you need to undo or recover from.

3. On the new PC, ensure Terrain Navigator Pro is installed and up-to-date.

4. Start Terrain Navigator Pro on the new PC. Open the File menu and choose Backup and Restore, Restore Projects.

5. In the Import Project window navigate to and select the .TPA files that were transferred from the old PC. Use the SHIFT and/or CTRL keys to select multiple .TPA files - if you have more than one. Then press Open.

6. Terrain Navigator Pro will now import these project archives into the internal data file structure it employs. You will overwrite any projects that have the same name (such as the "default" project) so be sure that you have not created anything you need to keep on the new PC in the default project.

7. As before, open the Layers menu and choose Manage Projects to switch between each of your Terrain Navigator Pro Projects.

I don't know what a Project is and I've never used them. What do I do?

Well, in fact you have been using projects - just a single project that Terrain Navigator Pro refers to as the "Default" project. While it is a rather simple way of using Terrain Navigator Pro, it is perfectly valid. In this case, you will have a single .TPA file: [Default].tpa.

For more information regarding Projects and how to use them to make the most of Terrain Navigator Pro, please see:

What about my Print Templates? How do I transfer those?

Print templates are not project-specific and are not automatically transferred. However, the files can be copied freely between computers. For details and instructions, please see:

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