Receiving Errors (Map, JPG) when Viewing or Printing Aerial Photos

The aerial photos available in Terrain Navigator Pro recently increased in resolution. While this results in a clearer photo, the corresponding space requirements for "caching" the files has also increased. Thus, you may get errors when viewing or printing aerial photos such as "can not open map" or "Bad JPG".

Here's how to reset and increase the cache to accommodate the higher-resolution photos:
1. In Terrain Navigator Pro, open the File menu and choose Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache.

2. In the Map/Aerial Photo Cache section, increase the Size to 64GB. (Lesser amounts can be specified, if disk space is an issue, but a minimum of 10GB is recommended.)

3. Press Clear Temporary Cache and answer Yes.

4. Restart Terrain Navigator Pro.

You should now be able to view and print aerial photos without error messages.

It is also possible that the photo itself was damaged when it was copied to the hard drive from the Internet. If clearing the temporary cache in File, Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache does not resolve the issue, then use File, Map/Photo Management, for your state (or File, Copy Maps to Hard Drive if you are using an outdated version of Terrain Navigator Pro) to delete the photo(s) in that vicinity. If needed, also check File, Map/Photo Management, Across State Boundary and delete the photo(s) in the problem area. Once the damaged photos have been removed, re-download them using File, Map/Photo Management, for your state (or Across State Boundary.)

I am still receiving errors, now what?
In File, Preferences, Internet Access and Map Cache, try turning off the option to Verify integrity of overview component.

Another cause could be outdated or damaged video and/or printer drivers. For instructions on how to apply these important updates to your PC, please see: 

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