Getting Started with Trimble Leap

Trimble Leap brings the ability to capture high accuracy with relative ease using Terrain Navigator Pro Mobile. If you are not a frequent user of TNP mobile, please read the following getting started article first.

When the TNP application is started you will see a message that the Trimble Leap Provider is servicing your location. To confirm that Trimble Leap is operational, you will also see a green icon in the upper right of the home screen.

Always make sure that the Trimble Leap Application is running in the background before you begin your data collection

Data collection works exactly the same way it has - no changes and nothing new to learn. However, there is one very nice feature we have added to point collection. When you mark a point you have the option to capture in stationary mode. The idea is to make sure the Trimble Leap is right over the position you want to collect. Click on stationary mode and TNP will continue to save the best position it receives from the Trimble Leap. When you are satisfied with the accuracy of the position just click save.

This feature has the additional benefit of allowing you to collect high accuracy with a video or a photo. When you are going to mark a photo, don't worry about where the Trimble Leap is currently located - just take the photo. After you confirm that you are pleased with the photo, take the Leap to the position of the item in the photograph and click on stationary mode. Now, you have a photo of what you desired to mark from the best camera angle tagged with a highly accurate position of where it actually is.

There is no change to track recording. However, you can decrease the distance between collected points since the GPS is not as noisy. Be careful with this feature as you can collect a lot of data very quickly. If you are gathering data over a small area, this method will produce a very good result. When a track collected in this manner is brought back into TNP desktop, the track can be closed and instantly you will have an area calculation.

Note, high accuracy recording is managed very easily with a subscription to Trimble's ViewPoint RTX service.This subscription can be purchased directly in the Trimble Leap application and will be immediately available as long as you are in cellular or WiFi data coverage.

Where can I get more information and support on the Trimble Leap?
Please visit our Trimble Leap support site at:

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